Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Baptismal Service in Lake Itzá

This past Sunday was a very special day. It was the first baptismal service for the new mission in San Pancho. (New works are called "missions" until they are self-supporting and then they are a "church".)  
{A prayer for those who are going to be baptized}
9 people were baptized! 
They were baptized in Lake Itzá and the service was held on the beach.
{Tutor #4's Son #1 & Son #2 helping Silas and Jonah play the keyboard before the service started}

{Tutor #4 leading worship with his wife}
Jimmy and Domingo prayed over each person. Jimmy baptized those who understand Spanish and Domingo baptized those who only speak Kekchi.
{Tutor #4's Daughter & Elsa being baptized}
Besides San Pancho, some were from the village of San José Pinares, the Kekchi village where we are starting another work with Tutor #4. 
{The dad of the family from SJP getting baptized}
These are the first Christians in that village. 

Some were also from SR, the second ex-guerrilla community we had a work in, and one very special one was even from NH, our first ex-guerrilla work.

It was Mateo!!! 
Jimmy had spoken to him about baptism, but he was concerned that he might fail in his Christian walk. He didn't want to let God down after being baptized. Jimmy talked with him some about it. It was really neat to see what a big step this was for him and what it meant to him. He was going to wait, but then he came up during the prayer for those being baptized (standing in front) and tapped Jimmy on the shoulder (seen in photo above.) He decided that morning that he was ready to take that step. He's all in! 
{Mateo after he joined the group}
{Jimmy baptizing Mateo}
I wasn't expecting how emotional that would be to watch. It was a big deal to us since this story started in New Horizon 5 years ago... worth the wait!

Jimmy was especially honored when Tutor #4 asked him to baptize his son and daughter.
{Tutor #4's Son #2 being baptized}
{Jonah and Silas loved playing in the rocks with Samuel and their G-Dawg}
{Walking out of the water}
FYI if you are planning on baptizing in rivers with sharp rocks on a regular basis, you might want to invest in some water shoes... ouch!
It was such a great day! We are praising the Lord for this new church plant and for all the hearts that He is working in. 
{Jeydi, one of the first Kekchi believers in San Pancho}
Please pray for these new believers who took a stand to share with others about their new life in Christ! 

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