Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Missions Trip to Huehue

I mentioned before that our church was raising money to send Lico on a missions trip to Huehuetenango. His bus ticket round trip and his hotel was $160. Well they raised that and then some! It was a blessing to our hearts to see our people give towards this. 
Two Sunday nights ago we had a send off service for Lico!
 Jimmy had several of the Christian men in our church come up front and pray over Lico. He is giving up 2 weeks without pay and time with his family. There were tears in his family's eyes when they said goodbye that night. We drove him to the bus station directly from our Sunday evening service. 
 He has been working hard laying the foundation for the church building in the village of Capellania. He is working at a much higher altitude (by about 6,000 feet) than he is used too. His face is burnt from the sun and wind and it is extremely cold. The building is for a church plant out of Pastor Luis Batz' church.  

Our family left Monday morning to head to Solola (10 hours away). Then we met up with Pastor Tim, Dan, and their missions team, and Larry Boggs, and his son-in-law Pedro. From Solola they left this morning to head to Huehuetenango to help with the church building construction. Jimmy was excited about just being on a missions team instead of leading one! 
There's Lico... he's still alive and not frozen solid! It's hard to travel to cold places after acclimating to Petén. And here's the team working!
Please pray for Pastor Luis and this young church, along with everyone working on this project!

Here is a photo from when our family stopped at Pollo Campero on the way into Guatemala City. It was Eden's first time in a ball pit. She thought it was great, especially when her brothers jumped in too!
The kids and I are staying in Solola at Larry and Claire's Eagle's Nest (since we wouldn't be much help with the construction.) Jimmy will stay through Thursday and then our family is off to Intermissions in Panajachel. It is a conference for missionaries all over Guatemala. They have it every year, but this is our first time going. If you think about it could you say a prayer for my kids. I really want them to enjoy it and their Mama is a little worried about them. Thanks!

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  1. Several of my friends will be at Intermissions, I wish I were going and we could meet! Have a fun time :)


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