Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Promoting the Institute

Today we went to a large youth meeting in Sayaxché. This is an annual meeting among all the Kekchi Baptist churches that are part of the association. These churches are scattered over the SW part of Petén.

This was the meeting where Jimmy met R (one of the students) last year. Now he got to go with us this year to share about what the institute is all about. The students have been very excited about this meeting. I think they are proud to be identified with KBI.

So we all loaded up in the Nissan and drove the 45 minutes + unpredictable time waiting on the ferry, to Sayaxché. 
{Here the ferry was already leaving, but the ramp was still down, so they told us to hurry and get on as the boat is moving... it kind of scared me.}
We have formed a praise band with the students in our church, so we planned a couple songs to share. H plays the drums, R is learning the keyboard and sings with Jimmy, P plays the rhythm thingy, who knows what that is in English, and I play the guitar. 

 Here we are singing in the car making sure we remembered all the words!
Can you tell what the song is? H is playing the rhythm thingy in the video, not P. 

When we got there, the service was in a building under construction, on the 2nd floor.
And that was the stairs/ramp we used to get up there... with 3 kids. Jimmy, Silas, and Eden are like mountain goats, but Jonah and I, who struggle with regular stairs, really struggled getting up this rickety steep ramp... like I was basically panicked, crawling on my hands and knees in my long skirt for the last part trying to keep Jonah and me alive. It was embarrassing for everyone. 
{Still not P holding the rhythm thingy}
All cultures are the same, none of them have any cellphone etiquette. Here's a sign I saw on stage, "TURN OFF YOUR PHONE".
We had 10 minutes to present KBI. We sang a song, then Jimmy spoke a bit. In the middle of what he was saying, the power went out!
I think that was strategically to our advantage since everyone immediately got quiet when the sound system wasn't blaring anymore.
 We played one more song after that. They asked us to play more, but we wanted to respect the leadership's request for just 10 minutes. I think the whole thing went well.

Here are some more photos I took before we left.
{The kitchen for the conference}
 Everyone is always so nice to our kids. Eden has gotten pretty used to it. A little girl walked by and gave her this popsicle. I think Eden secretly speaks Kekchi, because she is constantly ending up with people's food.
At least she shares with her brothers.
H's dad was there. He brought the young people from their church. This was the first time we got to meet him. I know they are close. H is the only son. They were excited to see each other, but they were playing it cool in front of so many people. I thought it was cute!
 We were thankful for this opportunity to promote the institute to so many young people at one time. Please pray that more men will be called and that more will come to be trained at the institute.

I'm very saddened to say that two weeks ago KBI had to ask one of the students to leave the institute. Jimmy and Domingo determined based on the code of conduct and the requirements for pastors in I Timothy, that due to moral failure this student was no longer fit to hold the office of pastor. The institute is to help train, disciple, and equip men to be a pastor and sadly sometimes even to weed them out for the sake of the church.

I think while losing one wounded us all, it ended up making those who remain even stronger. Each student reaffirmed how serious their callings are to them and how they want to protect themselves. As the culture here even in churches is not to take moral failures like this very seriously, we are able to start raising the bar and setting a new standard for these young pastors that will hopefully influence the generations to come.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Flyover

Before I finish sharing about our furlough I wanted to share some more currents things. I think I will try to do shorter more frequent post so that all the things I want our family to remember when we look back in the years to come actually get on here, instead being of lost in my head while I'm waiting for free time to write a big post full of photos. 

Yesterday Jimmy went up with our missionary pilot friend Paul to take some aerial photos of the farm, where the pastor institute is located (KBI). 
{Paul with the students}
 It is 180 acres. These photos will be used for a couple things, the first being to map off zones for the students to work. Each student will have their own land to farm which for now includes: crops, turkeys, pigs, and chickens. All the fish ponds will be towards the front of the property. Projects that belong to the institute will also be mapped off, like the lime trees and palm plantation.  It was nice to get an overall view to understand which parts are still dense jungle and which are somewhat cleared off.
None of the students had ever flown before, so it was a pretty exciting day!
{H telling R to "ssshhh" because he didn't know everyone could hear him now that he had his headset on, haha!}
Here is the farm. I didn't sort through all the photos Jimmy took, so these are not the very best ones but you know... I'm not spending a hour or two on a post anymore!
The property starts from the horizontal road up and then you can see the village of Zapotal on the left side of the vertical road. The property extends all the way past to the brief clearing on the right. 

 Things to find for fun. (You know this teacher loves worksheets!)
  1. The current students fields where they farm on the left. There is a diagonal waterpipe going through all 3 field. 
  2. There are 8 student houses (one is kind of shaded by trees), 4 on either side of the main concrete building that houses the classrooms. The classroom building only has a roof on two rooms right now, the last two on the right.
  3. The main entrance is to the right of those classrooms with the roofs.
  4. There are 4 fish ponds in the bottom left corner, only 2 have water in them with fish right now.
  5. There is a clearing at the very bottom of that bottom left corner that is for the future church building where all the people from Zapotal can attend that currently ride the bus to our church in San Pancho, yay!
Did you find everything?! Well if you were here I would give you a happy face stamp!

The photo above is taken from the opposite direction, so that is the back half of the property. It is not a perfect square or rectangle, it is inside that v.

Since our house is close by, Jimmy texted us during our class and told us to come outside. 
We ran out into the back yard to wave at Dada! Eden was very upset that he didn't yell "Hi" back. 
Jimmy took a photo of our house too. We live on an undeveloped outskirt of town.
    We hear all the howler monkeys that live in that dense jungle on the left from our back porch. There is a chicken farm on the left along with other stuff growing in those fields. Becca owns the property to our right and the property behind our house is for sale, FYI! We are standing in our back yard, but you can't really see us. I'm the speck to the right of the kids' yellow roofed swing set. (That was for my dad, because I'm sure he will ask!)

    For the record, this post took less than one nap time. I'm liking this new plan!

    Saturday, November 8, 2014

    Furlough Pt. 1: Time With G and MaG

    Yes, that is our kid at the bottom of a Target buggy and NO, sadly they have not built a Target in Guatemala yet! We were in the States for 18 days this past month. We were invited to a conference in LA. Not often do missionaries get called and invited to a church, usually the missionary does the calling, so that was really nice. We want to take a month furlough every year and a half. This one was 18 days, but it fit nicely into the break at the institute without us missing to many things here, so we decided to go with it.
    {I think this photo is perfect. If you tell the boys to smile, these are their "go to" faces! It makes me laugh.}
    For us to fly home, it is only one flight because we drive 8 hours to the capital and then usually fly to Miami and drive up to Jacksonville. This time, we flew into Ft Lauderdale and Jimmy's parents flew there from KS and we spent the week together. They say they used their Marriott points for all of us to stay in a really nice resort for a week, but I know they sacrificed a lot to make all of this come together. It was a wonderful, truly relaxing week. It was healthy for our family to have that break and we made so many memories with MaG and G!  
    There was lots of swimming, sand, legos, and princess dresses!
    It also was Jonah and Silas' 5th birthday!
    So what do you do when twin mk's turn 5 while on furlough? You go to Lego Land of course!
    {There were lots of car games being played with MaG!}
    It was a long drive.
    Jimmy had told the boys months ago that a place like this existed. They thought that was super cool! Then when they found out their G and MaG were going to take them there, I think their brains almost exploded. 

    Jonah, Silas, G, and Jimmy went on a roller coaster first thing. Eden really wanted to go, but she was too short. After that roller coaster Jonah was a little more cautious about agreeing to go on rides! Silas likes crazy rides, but if they spin too much there will be vomit. Then there is Eden... the scarier the better! I think their faces below tell it all:
    Jonah looks like he is holding on for his life!
     The boys played a shooting game with Dada and MaG.
    Can you tell who won?
    They both got bears as a prize. They have joined the few treasures that stay on their pillow.  
     The boats were a hit!
     Well with everyone but E. It seemed like the hours in the park flew by, but I think it was the perfect amount of time for what they could handle in one day.
    Someone turned this ride into bumper boats!
    Out of all the exciting rides, I think possibly their favorite attraction was building race cars with everyone.  
    There were lots of neat tracks to try. 
    The last 30 minutes there was a mad dash to ride as many things as possible before the park closed. Everyone was the good kind of exhausted afterwards.
    Most of my pictures during that week are from Lego Land,
    maybe because all the rest of our moments were way too relaxing to mess up with photos.  
     Lots of memories were made. So thankful we all got to share that time together! And we are super thankful to G and MaG for coming all the way to FL and giving us such a wonderful week!

    Sunday, October 5, 2014

    Welcome to the Dinsmore Homeschool!

    Warning, this is a long post, but some other homeschool mom like me might be interested, so I'm posting it. At least 2 grandmas for sure will be!

    Homeschooling did not start off as being a passion of mine. My parents put me in a really good Christian school growing up. They never complained, but I'm sure it was a sacrifice. I really liked my school. I got a good education with a biblical world view and I loved being a part of the music program. Jimmy went to a private Christian school too, and I really like how he turned out!
    I wanted that for my kids. I wanted them to experience different teaching styles and teachers with different interests and passions. I wanted them to have extracurricular activities available to them, to find out where their interests lie and get to be part of a team that worked together, whether athletic or artistic. Well that is not an option here. There are just not academically strong schools in Petén. We have very intelligent teens in our youth group that are still in 2nd and 3rd grade.
     Once I realized for us homeschool would be our only option, I decided to embrace it. I have a secondary education degree. I taught chemistry, physics, and algebra II in the States for 2 years... a far cry from teaching phonics to 4 year olds, but I really enjoy teaching. I wouldn't want to teach phonics to anyone else's 4 year old, since it is 90% about being patient, but so far I love teaching mine.
    {Jonah building upper and lower case vowels}
    When we were building our house, we already knew that we would be homeschooling, so we planned our homeschool room to be the second largest room in our house (second to our great room). We are really blessed to have this option... seriously, who gets to have a nice room designated to homeschool? On a priority scale for us, this is way up there. I was feeling kind of guilty for being a missionary and having such a nice homeschool space, but I don't think that feeling is from God, so I'm rejecting it and publicly praising Him for this blessing. So here is a tour of our homeschool:
    A very sweet person from the States sent me the letters around the top of our room. We reference them all the time! I love them. Jimmy installed cork and a dry erase board for us. That fan is a life saver, because this room gets hot!

    The cork is really handy. We use it for lots of stuff, like blend trains or
    mapping out the generations between Adam and Noah. 
    I cut contact paper strips to make the lines where we learn how to write our letters. 
    When we introduce a new blend the boys pick an animal to go up the ladder. The board isn't magnetic, so it is a happy accident that we finished our guest room before this room was sealed and had to put metal doors on it. I hated them at first because they look dungeony, but now they are an asset. They give us plenty of magnetic surface for when we use our magnetic letters. 
    The crayons and weather chart came with our curriculum. The boys love moving the little arrow each morning... usually just all the way around the circle back to sunny, haha!
    This is where our behavior management chart hangs. There are a bajillion of these on Pinterest, so I have no idea where the idea originated to link to, but this was a last minute addition. It is SUPER helpful. They start each day in the green. If they remember something super hard, they bump up their pin. If they take initiative in a certain area or work really hard to improve at something, they bump up their pin. If they have a bad attitude, are disrespectful or ever use the words I can't, they automatically get bumped down. If they get to the red, Daddy gets notified when he gets home. But, if they get to the top by the end of the day, they get candy out of the machine on my desk. 
     I found the candy machine at the MegaPaca. That is a popular thrift store in Guatemala. This is a big motivator, maybe since they can always improve. Each kid makes it to the top about once a week. They each have been in the red before too... they are normal kids.
    This year I decided to go with A Beka curriculum. We went with manuscript  and didn't purchase the Bible or readiness skills. We are doing our own Bible study chronologically. I never did find a curriculum I thought could do better at this level than any mom with pinterest. We have been using this guide as kind of a scope and sequence. 

    I'm pretty happy with A Beka so far. I think the review games are pretty goofy, so we come up with our own, but most people don't get to homeschool 2 kids in the same grade, so it does make games different. I am meeting with a Bob Jones rep when we go on furlough. I'm thinking about switching over in about 4th grade, once we have a good phonics foundation. The options can be overwhelming!
     Another missionary mentioned a little hole in the wall teaching store in Guatemala City. I haven't found any other store here that had teaching supplies like that one. I picked up this tree set and also a barnyard set. This tree works perfect for our Christian character traits. We highlight a different Christian character trait each month and incorporate an activity every Monday as a review. Focus on the Family Canada has some excellent character trait curriculum for free. Seriously, it is SO GOOD. I also supplement with some free links from this website. We started with Diligence. That was perfect for Silas, who most things come easy for and occasionally when they don't he gives up. Not any more. They mention diligence to me several times a week now and talk about how they really didn't want to do something, but they faithfully finished it. Yay! If I catch them exhibiting the current character trait in class they get an apple in their barrel. At the end of the school day they trade in their apples for gumballs. Currently we are on Humility. That one was a little harder to explain. They stuck all the apples on the tree that had traits that exhibit humility and all the apples on the ground they decided were rotten because they have prideful traits written on them.
    This is the barnyard set. We made it into a vowel farm. We begin each phonics lesson by singing Old MacDonald with short vowel sounds. This is a hit. If I forget, they fuss at me... that's probably an annoying homeschool kid trait, correcting the teacher. We'll work on that, ha!
     I ordered this pocket calendar on Amazon. It was $15, and it is worth every penny. My kids like most 4 year olds have no concept of days and time. This has helped. They like moving the cards around. The back of all the cards have Spanish on them. Perfect for us!
    This is the back of our classroom. Those big windows help with the heat too! I stained the shelves that were in the boys' bedroom and moved them into our school room, along with all of their books and any education toy that we could use. This shelf separates the desks station from our table and reading stations... I know sounds so official. Moving around from station to station during the day helps them stay focused. And they love official sounding things, it makes it seem super special.
    You can kind of see our felt finger puppets on the shelf too. We use them in our puppet theater to retell our Bible stories. I am slowly adding to our collection as I have time.
    The theater is made out of fleece, which I picked up on furlough too, since I haven't found it here before. I guess a lot of planning went into this room! 

    2 of those cubbies on the shelf are Eden's. She has toys that I only let her play with during class and she loves coloring, so that burns up a lot of time usually. She moves around to the different stations with us and is learning her letters too.
     I try and let her participate in a lot of the things we do unless it holds the boys back. She has been pretty understanding so far, although she did not appreciate that she didn't get a pencil box the first day of school! Having her own desk helps.
     About a year ago Jimmy found this fabric wall map at the MegaPaca too. I think they get a lot of floor samples from toy stores or something. It is a FAO Schwarz brand, regularly $80, that Jimmy got for $10. It looks brand new. Crazy! Velcro sticks to it, so I'm sure we will be making all kinds of cool things to go along with our studies in the years to come. I moved the rug from the boys' room too, to make our reading area. The giant pillows were another MegaPaca find. I have only covered one so far, but eventually there will be lots of colors.
     It kind of creeps me out though, so I usually check behind the pillows before we sit down. Just in case there is something hiding there!
     The table was our old dining room table. I picked up the cable from Ikea a long time ago to hang their work from on our back wall.
    I picked up these stamps the furlough I gave birth to the boys on. It was my first step to embracing homeschool! During handwriting time I pick their very best letter and it gets a stamp. The littlest things are the biggest deal to them!
    {Labeling the days of creation at our table station;)}
    {Creating the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil}
    Class usually last about an hour and a half to 2 hours. Thanks to the curriculum, it only takes me about 15 minutes to prep every day. About one day a week I invest a couple hours into printing off free games or creating activities from scratch that might help them in an area they are struggling. MaG gave us a laminating machine. It is a wonderful tool for homeschool. In this environment, paper stays wet, so it is nice to invest a lot of time into something I know we will be able to preserve and use for a long time.
    {Some of our manipulatives and games}
      The boys were super excited about their first day of school. I hadn't let them in the room for a couple days as I finished setting things up.
    We have kept up the excitement over the last 3 weeks. I thought once we hit blends, it might be the end of the honeymoon period, but we regrouped and conquered! They still ask for school each morning.
    Our school is so fun even Lucha and Bags want to attend, haha!
    Lucha is excellent in school, Bags kind of stinks at it... she lives in the red.
    While homeschool isn't for everyone, it is what God has chosen for us. I started off dreading it, but my perspective has changed completely in the last couple years. We always start off each class with prayer and thank God for giving us this time together. 

    We have school mascots and they aren't dogs. We don't have a false ceiling in the school room yet and the kids' rooms on the other side of the half wall do not have windows in them yet (the kids sleep in Jimmy's office.) There is a family of bats that live at the pitch of our roof! They sleep during our class. Kind of neat! They start flying around about 6pm.

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