Pastors Institute

Our heart is for all the villages in Petén to be reached with the Gospel and to have a church with a trained national pastor who can help disciple new believers.
The Kekchi Bible Institute (KBI) is a 3 year pastors institute, where men called to be pastors can come. If they are married their wives attend classes as well.
During that time they learn about the Bible, how to study it for themselves, and how to plant a church and disciple others.
They also learn agricultural techniques that will help them support themselves as pastors in rural villages. 
The students attend for free, but are required to work 8 hours a week in the different projects to help cover the costs. Once the projects begin to mature our goal is to have the institute completely self-sustaining with no support needed from Stateside churches. 
Once a student graduates we help them transition to the area God is leading them and aid them in planting a church. From the beginning, they are completely self-supported, with each church being autonomous. We do hope to provide a network for pastors leaving the institute that offers fellowship and encouragement.
First graduates, December 2016!
You can find a video overview of our ministry here.
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