Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We're Finished

Our stuff is on its way to Guatemala! Jimmy is so excited, but I just keep thinking that I will probably never see any of my stuff again! I am usually an optimist, but I don’t want to be to attached to anything! They are going to weigh it today to determine the price for shipping. We think it will be less than the estimate. Aren’t we hopeful! We had nearly 15 lbs. of batteries that churches had given us, but they would not let us ship them because they are considered a hazmat. There were several other items like that. On a more positive note, I did not have any food storage containers and two different ladies from two different churches gave me some tupperware. It is neat when you see God meet a specific need. Please pray that our container will clear through customs in a timely manner, so we do not have to pay extra money. Also please pray that the taxes will be low. Whatever happens we know that God will take care of us. Thanks for your prayers!
My truck will go into the other end to be shipped too.

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