Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dengue + Dentist = Lovely Birthday

Jimmy turned 26 today! We flew to Guate Tuesday to pick up my truck, so today we drove home. We will have to celebrate more tomorrow. On top of Dengue Fever and driving 6 hours home with no air conditioner, he had to go back to the dentist before we left and it was horrible... poor guy! Besides that we really have had a good time together and filled our truck full of supplies for the drive home. We love home and are thankful we don’t live in the big city... TGI Friday’s and all!
This is what too much Loratab will do to you!
We stayed at a different place this time, Hostal Villa Toscana. It was much cheaper and full of charm!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Jimmy found a dental tourism place in Guatemala City online. The top of one of Jimmy’s teeth had chipped off and he needed to get it fixed. Last time he was in Guate the dentist tried to fix it, but his filling he was trying to use kept breaking, so he made a mold and sent it off to have a porcelain piece made. That experience was horrible, but Jimmy had already paid, so he went back this time to have the piece put in. Today the “custom made” piece didn’t fit, so they had to shave it down to fit in the tooth. When they took off the temporary filling Jimmy realized that last time they had shaved off most of his tooth down to the root. So without any Novocain they put the glue in and just let it dry a little while to get good and gummy... that’s cool air on bare root. After it was glued on Jimmy couldn’t bite down all the way because it was taller than all his other teeth. So about 20 more times of shaving, biting down, shaving and biting down, Jimmy left never to return again.

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