Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Last Minute Idea

Ever since Jim and I got married our dads have become friends. Both of them love us very much, but I think it was their common interest in coffee and spoiling their dogs that ultimately made them click. I guess it should be described more as a rivalry than a friendship, since they are constantly talking smack about who roast the better coffee or owns the better dog. Whosever house we stay at we serve as spies for the other side sending them fuel to rib the other about.
My dad is more of a music guy than a sports guy, but somehow Jimmy got him into the Dinsmore fantasy football league this year. I must stop here and interject that Jimmy is in first place as they go into the playoffs! Anyway, since Larry was flying down to FL to drive us back to KS my dad had the idea of taking him and Jimmy to the Jaguar/Colts game. I was shocked my dad wanted to go to an NFL game, but I guess it was the company!
My dad ended up enjoying it so much that he plans on taking my mom there next year! She is much more into football than he is.
Jimmy had a blast too! That was a perfect way to wrap up our time FL. Next time they will have to take Jonah and Silas.

Jonah's legs always make us laugh!

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