Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Much For Block

Jimmy did our taxes last week and we found out that we were going to get a very nice tax refund... which we have been affectionately referring to as Jonah and Silas! We were already figuring up how much block we could purchase with it to get started on our home in San Francisco... the one here in Petén, not the one in CA. That is the place where we want to raise our family.

Well... guess what? You get a tax refund with twins for a reason... duh! They are expensive!

We drove my mom back to Guatemala City (rather than her flying) because we had to go there for the boys' 4 month check up.
They both got 2 shots, for a total of 8 vaccinations each... for which they only put up a brief protest. Jonah turned on the charm for the nice doctor and proceeded to make the biggest diaper to date as soon as we sat down. I'm blaming it on the change in altitude. It went all over his clothes and of course Mommy didn't have any extras with her so we baby wiped those things down and put them right back on him... that's one way to keep people from asking to hold the blue-eyed gringitos!
This pediatrician was recommended by a missionary friend. He spent almost 2 hours with us. Even though he is in Guatemala City he still will be their doctor long-distance. We discussed different scenarios and what we should do in case of an emergency in Petén. He said for us to call him and he would send a plane or helicopter... pretty comforting! He said the boys looked healthy. He is happy with their weights, but since their appetites will increase he laughed when I said that I wanted to nurse them for at least 6 months... now I'm really motivated! He wants them to gain 2 pounds this month. That's a tall order! I feel like mommy milk is what is keeping them from getting sick, with all its antibodies. We bought a kid EpiPen in case they have an allergic reaction to some crazy Petén bug. He prescribed Silas some medicine for his reflux issues... the poor kid and we got another iron supplement. I haven't been giving them the one we had... I know bad Mommy. I think man made vitamins go straight through you, plus the smell of iron tainted vomit is disgusting and it stains. But I will listen to the good doctor. For the record, they are not anemic after all this time without it.

So the appointment was expensive, having to multiply everything times 2, but worth it. We are very thankful to have such a good doctor for our boys!


  1. Good to hear that your boys are such healthy little guys! I've read that babies get all the iron they need from breastfeeding, so I doubt you've done any harm by not giving them the other one. :)

    I'm interested in where you found the child EpiPen, we've been looking for one in Antigua for Dante and they only have adult ones! He's so allergic to small bugs like fleas and mosquitoes that I'm very worried about what will happen if a bee stings him.

  2. Genesis, We bought ours directly from the Pediatrician, who got it from his partner. We didn't get a detailed receipt, so I'm not sure how much it costs. The doc said that you can give half of an adult one if you don't have a children's one, but I thought the pen just gives the whole dose when you squeeze the trigger.

    Since we don't know what our kids are allergic to and we have so many bees, wasps, mosquitos, spiders and scorpions running around freely we thought it best to have one on hand. He also gave us a prescription for a steroid you can give it it's a bad reaction, but not so bad that you need the epi.

    Our doc is Dr. Arriaza if you want to call to see if they another one they will sell. 2385-7815, 7816


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