Friday, March 5, 2010

Poor Martha

I do not have any photos from the Adult Bible study since I am not attending with the boys for a while, but it went well. They are so passionate about the study. It is not a casual thing for them. They ALL bring their Bibles and participate.

Please pray for a couple that had been attending before we left. We do not know the entire story, but their son and another child that they had been taking care of were in an automobile accident. It happened the first of January while we were gone. They were slung from the back of someone's pickup that was driving drunk... who by the way did not end up going to jail. Both died. Please pray for this family. Please pray that the Lord will comfort them and that we can reach out to them as well. We are still not sure if it was an older son or the younger one, so I do not know if they attended my Bible study or not. I do not feel comfortable posting pictures of this family, just because I think this is extremely private.

As a follow up of the post about last week's craft I thought I would talk about this week's. It was very involved... even more involved when Jimmy and I have a 4 month old (really 2 month old) strapped to us trying to help everyone. Our lesson was on Mary and Martha. They were to construct a house where you could look inside and see Mary, Martha, and Jesus. This photo angle did not lend itself to You seeing them, but they are in there!
Well the kids did a fabulous job! Jimmy successfully commandeered this entire table of rambunctious boys all by himself!

By the way, I think Martha gets a bad rap. The point to this story is a beautiful one, our relationship with God is the most important thing. Service to Him comes as a byproduct of our relationship with Him, not as a replacement for one. Yes, on this day, Martha's priorities were off. But, it looks to me that she was the one that invited Jesus to their house in the first place. Plus after their brother died, Martha was the one that knew it still wasn't too late (John 11:21,22), because she had faith... more evidence of a relationship. With the amount of spiritual talk in comparison to the amount of action taken I think this is more of a "Mary poser" world than a "Martha" one. I appreciate Martha's passion!

Silas was a little ham this week! He loves all the attention. Jonah does too, but he seems to be more affected by the heat. Silas prefers warmer temps.

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