Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Trip to Guate With a Couple of 6 Month Olds!

We took the boys to Guatemala City (this time it was an 8 hr drive) last week for their 6M shots... yes, we have 2, 6 month olds... crazy! Even though they entered the world 2 months early, they are catching up fast to the size of a normal 6 month old. I have packed away most of their 0-3 month old clothes already because they are so tall! Since exiting the NICU we have enjoyed 5 months of perfect health... other than pink eye that we keep passing back and forth. We are so blessed!

Silas ready for the jungle:
"Wait a minute... I live where?!"
Jonah in the hammock:

Their doctor wants us to begin introducing solids, but we are not sure. I want their GI tracts to be good and ready (since they are somewhere in between 4 and 6 months developmentally), so we might wait another month. We are having fun planning their first meals. We are going to make all their baby food fresh. Hopefully this will help them grow up being veggie lovers... don't scoff at my optimism! We can't decide if we are going to make our own rice cereal or just start with avocados. It's all an adventure!

I took this photo at our doctor's office. Do you see anything funny about it?
They translated the Spanish name of the movie back to English and then printed it. I don't think this is an official Pixar product! We see stuff like this a lot.

The Boggs happened to be in the city at the same time, so we got to visit with them. Never thought we would live this far away from them (10 hrs).

We got to do several other errands while we were in the city, like grocery shopping and extending our visas.

What do missionaries like us get excited about when going to the "big city"?...
14.5 lbs Bisquik (because it's nice not to have to make everything from scratch once in a while)
12.5 lbs Cascade (same price as 2.5 lbs in Petén)
1008 wipes (1/4 of the price in Petén)
624 diapers (1/2 of the price in Petén, 1/4 of the price in the States... yes, all parents of twins should be missionaries!)
4 6'x4' metal shelves (since we live in a house without closets, not sure why we didn't buy these 2 years ago)
90 pop tarts (guilty pleasure)
24 cans green beans (to hold us over until Jimmy's garden starts producing more... his are better)
15 Bibles (these were double their normal price for some reason... they said that we had been buying them on sale for the past 3 years... it was a little shady)

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: The other morning I left the boys playing in their crib to go put in a load of laundry. When I came back, this is what I found!


  1. Start with cereal! Avocado may--or may not--be irritating to your boys' stomachs.

    Don't let any Guatemalan ladies know you might be feeding your boys avocado before they are 18 months. My sister in-law was even aghast that I ate avocado while I was breastfeeding! Apparently they consider avocados a "cold" food. And whole beans are also a "cold" food. Even if the beans are hot. Go figure. :)

    Also, frijoles colados and corn tortillas are the perfect baby food for when your boys start to feed themselves! My boy (who is now 18 months) loves to eat "taquitos" made of Ducal beans spread on a tortilla, then rolled up. I just hand it to him and he chows down.

  2. Ahaha, love that last photo! :) They are so precious!

  3. Love the details once again...I know you had the micro packed on your way home. I miss you all so much! The boys are growing like weeds so maybe living in the jungle is just what God had in mind! Way to go Mommy!

  4. Bananas are a good first food, too. That's what our boys started on . . . you can mix in a little breastmilk to water it down and help them get used to the taste.

    As for when, totally trust your instinct there! If they're going nuts when you eat, they are probably ready, but I know some people who didn't start solids until 9 months and their kids are fine. :) Dorian started at 4 months because he wouldn't leave our food alone and gobbled it up, Dante started at 6, so it totally depends on the kid.

    The boys are so big already! And I think I'm finally able to tell them apart. :)

  5. Thank you so much for the advice ladies!! I like the snack idea, Sonia. Our doctor didn't like avocados either and I wasn't sure why. He was so against it we thought he might be thinking we meant guacamole! So maybe that's why. Genesis, I like bananas as a first food, I keep forgetting about fruit.


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