Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Beautiful Thing

So yesterday our 3rd Discipleship class was scheduled. Friday night we started getting rain from Tropical storm Matthew, so because it was raining so hard and the roads are impassable to 2WD vehicles in Santa Rita, I called to see if everybody still wanted to have the class. My call was met with shock, as in, "What do you mean will we be there?" I forgot that it doesn't matter if you have to walk in a tropical storm wearing flip flops through calf deep mud without an umbrella only to arrive where there is no electricity and you have to scream to be heard over rain on a tin roof.

Mercedes and Blanca met me when I first got there, took the keys and headed off while I went to remind the others. I was in my truck yelling from the window at shut up houses, and everybody stuck their heads out saying that they were on their way. When I got to our building everything was set up (tables out, lights on, tablecloth on, and seats out.) All the ground outside our building was covered in water.

This lesson was about who we should be praying for and we talked about praying for our enemies. All five people were there (although they were shivering in our freezing 70 degree weather). Each one already knew when they would be reading and they all really showed an active interest.

Afterwards I asked about them being Christians in Santa Rita. Most said that their parents didn't mind too much. Then Claudia said, "Some people make fun of us for having accepted Christ, but that just means we need to pray for them so that they will accept Him too." Claudia volunteered to pray to close our meeting (Jesús did it last week, which was the first time anybody in Santa Rita besides us has prayed publicly before) and when talking about praying for our enemies she said, "because we know that You change all the bad for good." I loved hearing her pray that, because that was the theme when I taught the life of Joseph, 13 months ago.

They are all really enjoying the fellowship, and we all laugh a lot. It has already become a close group and I believe they are going to be our greatest tool to reach the rest of Santa Rita.

Tires aren't really that important and even possibly optional here I guess. This truck was missing a few.

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