Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 Little Monkeys at 51 Weeks

We are so thankful that God has entrusted us with these two little boys. We don't take it lightly. They are a delight that brings laughter, and joy to each of our days.

Aprehensive about trying new things, but once he does it, he’s got it.
Starts dancing when we sing or he hears a song and stays on beat.
Very particular about putting his blocks back (he is his mommy's boy).
Sleeps on his side like his mommy.
Likes his brother to "get" him (jump on him and give him a raspberry).
Likes to laugh at his brother.
Wants to do right most of the time.
Can play ok by himself, but doesn’t like to be alone in a room.
(They play together really well so far.)
Can play nicely with anything except books... he eats those.
Doesn’t trust any food until he licks it first to make sure it’s ok.
Loves finger foods and gets bored while waiting for you to give him another bite.
Loves a sip of Daddy’s pop or a bite of his ice cream (shhh, don’t tell Mommy).
Is a fire breathing dragon... after baths!
Sucks his thumb sometimes when he is trying to sleep, but no blanky or paci.
Loves talking on the phone (he says "Dada").
Rolls all over his bed while sleeping and HATES waking up.
(That is what he is mad about here... his brother woke him up before he was done with his nap. It was also the first time he figured out how to tear his diaper off!)
His moto is "If there is a tower of blocks, I must make it come crashing down!"
When something frustrates him he throws his head onto the floor bending himself in half (I think he's double jointed) very dramatically.
Has 6 teeth.
Allergic to basil.
Crams two handfuls of cheerios in his mouth at a time.

Likes to try to squeeze through or climb on anything without hesitation, but often gets himself stuck.
Sings along with any song, seems to have great pitch.
Likes to "get" his brother. Loves to give everyone raspberries.
Very adamant that blocks were meant to be scattered.
Sleeps on his tummy like his daddy and usually with one leg propped on the side of the crib.
Doesn't like to play by himself, needs somebody to be actively participating with him.
Likes to make his brother laugh.
Plays nicely with books but destroys everything else.
Usually is looking for something bad to do because he likes to be scolded.
Is a rabid duck (how else do you make a duck sound scary? His brother's a dragon for Pete's sake)... after baths (sometimes during baths too!)
Has no interest in anything other than us for soothing (no thumb/blankey/paci).
While he was the first to enjoy talking on the phone, now he's over it and has no use for it.
Almost always is the first one to wake up in the morning and after nap time.
When he sees a tower of blocks he very gently tries to take one block off at a time without making it fall.
Falls asleep nearly every morning during breakfast.
Has 7 teeth.
Will take a huge bite of anything you offer him the first time, but quickly loses confidence in you if he doesn't like it and you have to cajole him into eating something he likes after that.
Will eat finger foods, but quickly gets lazy and prefers you to just feed him.
Loves a sip of Daddy’s pop or a bite of his ice cream (shhh, don’t tell Mommy).
Allergic to egg whites.
(This was the day we found out. He had hives all over his face. This was also when he didn't like his upper teeth to touch his lower teeth, so he smiled crooked!)
When something frustrates him he tightens both hands into a fist and lets out a big grunt.
Eats one cheerio at a time.
Knows how to give kisses.

They both:
Clap when they like something (usually about food) or when you say “Good Job!”
Look at us immediately after they sneeze, waiting for one of us to yell “BBBLLLLLLEEEEEESS YOU!”
Love the “Ride the Horsey” song and start to bounce up and down when they hear it.
As soon as you sit down with them they come crawling over and tackle you... which I love!
Look forward to turning the pages during story time before nap time and bedtime.
Love to take all the books off the shelf one by one.
Snuggle for a long time in your lap after waking up.
Lots of times they chat for the first 5 minutes of nap time.
Love playing peek-a-boo (but we play Where’s Jonah? or Where’s Silas?). They will cover up their own faces with a blanket even when we’re not looking until we ask the question and then they rip it off and smile while we yell, “THERE HE IS!”
Slap our hand after we say "Give me 5".
Pretend like they are reading books. They'll turn the pages and make noises.

Parent Milestones:
Have become very scheduled which has helped the boys thrive.
Gave up rocking the boys to sleep at 10.5 months. It was hard... for us, not them. Now we read a book, sing a song and then lay them in their beds and they are out within seconds usually.
Next comes weaning... I have a week left.


  1. I love the two youngest members of my Peten family! I can't believe how much they have grown in 3 months! Love the video!!

  2. What precious, cute, smart boys God has bless you with and we are blessed to be their grandparents! Love this blog!

  3. Reading this made me cry. I love you guys so much and I'm so thankful for you. I can't believe it's been almost a year already! Wow!! I can't wait to see you all again!!

  4. They are too cute:) and seem like opposites of each other. I'm glad to hear yall are doing so well.


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