Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remember That Place?

No, our wound hasn't healed from getting kicked out of the other guerrilla community we used to work in, I don't think it has even scabbed over yet. We drive by there several times a week and I feel it in my stomach each time we pass by their gates. It feels unfinished.
We keep in touch with a couple people from there. Some stop by our house, like the lady and her daughter above did the other day, some we see in the market, and others still call Jimmy once in a while. Mateo still goes with us to the Bible studies in Santa Rita every week. I'm not sure what the future holds for that place, but I'm thankful that we can reach out to people in there even from outside the gates we have been forbidden to pass!

We knew of a lot of sexual abuse that was going on inside the community. One specific instance involved one of our teens. During the 2 years we were in there she attended our Bible study more faithfully than anyone else. Because of where she lived, there was nothing we could do to get her out of her situation. Well she is 18 now and contacted us the other day and asked for help out of there. Some missionaries in Guatemala City were able to put us in contact with a Christian women's shelter. We got her on a bus and she arrived there this past Friday. She has already started counseling. Because of what she grew up being surrounded by, I'm not sure she even knew it wasn't normal. Please pray for her. This could be a turning point for a new, better life for her. She understands the plan of Salvation, but hasn't accepted it for herself yet. Please pray for our friend.

The other day I had the hiccups. I do this thing where I hold my breath while stretching my neck out until they go away. It works... it always works. Jimmy loves to make fun of me about this. Silas saw us laughing while I was looking up at the ceiling waiting for my hiccups to go away, so he thought that was the joke. Several times a day since then he will catch my eye and then look up at the ceiling with a mischievous grin on his face.
I LOVE IT! It always makes me laugh. He loves to make his mommy laugh.

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