Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Update on a White Field 3 Years Later... With a Little Pisote on the Side

Almost 3 years ago we went to the village of Secacao with Andy, Domingo, and José for the first time to host a medical clinic. It was a "white field", a village without the Gospel, no evangelical church of any kind. You can read about that day here. It's rather ironic that I mentioned in that post how impressive it was to see the Kekchi lady juggling and nursing her twins... little did I know... ha! I'm even more impressed now!

This was a video I made from our second trip there.
Recently a family called the Kekchi Christian radio station from this village saying that they were interested in learning more about trusting in Christ for Salvation. We were able to return there this past Sunday with Domingo and José.
It was Francisco and his family (pictured here with a couple of extra neighbor kids), the same family who let us use their house to show the movie.
We held a service in their house. Afterwards they fixed us a meal.
It was so generous of them. It was chicken caldo. To me it tasted like there was a little bit of habanero in it. It was so good!
See that big leg in the front bowl... it's not chicken. Can you guess what animal that came from? Finally... we got to try pisote!!! Joseph and Samuel (Andy's sons) said it tasted like pork, but I think it tasted exactly like what it was... a greasy jungle rodent! Still, it was very exciting to try it for the first time.
Unfortunately Francisco and his family are not ready to accept Christ yet, but that means God is still at work in their hearts. They know that they want more. Please pray for them and that their eyes will be opened to the Gospel very soon.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: We learned a very important lesson that day. When Domingo and José say that they know of a short cut where the road isn't THAT bad... take it... because it will be fun! (I speak for our vehicle only. The rest of the team was crammed into a 4 wheel drive vehicle that Andy rented and was in front taking all the rough patches of undetermined depth first!)


  1. Wow, I've been on some of those rides, too... I'm glad you thought it was fun! It's certainly cheaper than a roller coaster. :)


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