Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alleluias Rose From the Banks

If you don't know Lico's story, it is here. Since New Horizon would not allow baptisms or for us to be called a church, not to mention kicking us out, we weren't sure how Lico would ever be baptized. He has been meeting with Jimmy every Saturday for months now for their discipleship class.
He has a strong desire for his new relationship with God to grow. We mentioned that when we got back from furlough we found out that he and his family had been walking 45 minutes to a church in the next town down from New Horizon. There aren't many churches around here with the truth, but we really liked this one. A couple weeks ago the pastor of that church contacted us and said that Lico wanted to be baptized and wanted Jimmy to be the one to do it. So he invited us to attend the baptismal service this past Sunday.
{Jimmy & Lico with his pastor}
So early Sunday morning we met them for a worship service on the banks of a river. We had been out late the night before in a Kekchi village, so our boys were exhausted!
This is the group who had put their faith in Christ and were desiring to take this first step of obedience.
Jimmy prayed with Lico first before he baptized him.
Here is a video too if you want to watch. I was standing on the edge of a 3 foot drop off into the river, holding one boy, trying to keep the other one from falling in the river, and taking photos and video. Everyone was asking me for photos. And we're keeping it real because half way through Jonah starts to cry. Poor little missionary boys, we had worn them out.
This is Lico with his wife Elda, daughter Paula, and son Luis.
Please pray for Lico as he continues to grow in Christ and lead his family. We are so thankful for this opportunity. God opened a path for obedience. He made a way! We are so thankful for this day and everything it means to Lico and our family! It was Jimmy's first baptism in Guatemala and it just so happened to be our first convert from over 3 years ago.


  1. It was wonderful even with the crying! So glad to see it.

  2. Thanks for the Video, This is so exciting!!!

  3. I was thinking about my favorite physics teacher so i decided to google you and, to my surprise, I actually found you!

    I'm so glad you are doing well and are involved with such a beautiful ministry! You have a gorgeous family and those two boys are just too cute :)

    Keep fighting the good fight and I wish you and your communities all the best. You guys are a light in the darkness and an inspiration. Know that you are in my thoughts and now my prayers :)

    Peace and Love
    --Parker Griffin

    Peace and Love

  4. It's so good to hear from you Parker! What a nice surprise=) I hope you are doing good. You always seemed real about your faith so I figured you would have a pretty great life! If your church is looking for a place to take a missions trip you should come visit us. Lots a cool hands-on ministry.


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