Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our New Church Planting Team!

We met Tutor #4 when Domingo introduced him to us suggesting that we hire him as our Kekchi tutor. We did, almost 6 months ago. We have since become good friends with his family. Tutor #4 speaks Kekchi and Spanish. He has pastored before in several churches that were struggling. He helps them get back on their feet and then hands it off to a permanent pastor. The majority of the time he is an elementary school teacher. That is how he provides for his family. He was living in Dolores which is about 40 minutes from our house. Once we started telling him about wanting to start a Kekchi work in San Pancho, our soon to be new home town, he became very interested in helping. In a matter of months, he got a transfer with the ministry of education for the following school year (begins in Jan '12) to San Pancho and made plans to move his family.

The plan was that we would be living in San Pancho first, but he beat us! He already found a house. Jimmy helped him look. They looked together for a house that would be in a good location and large enough to start having meetings on the patio.
This house is perfect! They moved in about 2 weeks ago. Tutor #4 likes to tease me that he made it to San Pancho before I did! It really isn't that funny to me;)
This is what our visitation looks like! It is the outskirts of San Pancho... where most of the Kekchi people live. It is where we live too... the nice quiet part (where we will live... one day). The first family we visited was a contact we had made from New Horizon. They have family members there. They were very friendly, but unfortunately they will be moving to another town in a couple weeks. I was disappointed, but I know it is very slow at first when you start from scratch. Well, a couple days later, the wife visited Tutor #4 and his wife in their home. She told them about other family members and friends she had all around San Pancho and how she wanted them to go and find them to get them to visit this new church. What a great contact after all!

We do not have a start date yet. We are still looking around trying to find and meet all the Kekchi people scattered around. Please pray for our team!
We also want to work together in a town on the other side of SR in La Libertad that has called into the Kekchi radio station asking for someone to come to their area to start a church. It has both Kekchi and Spanish speaking people. We were supposed to have our first outreach in that village yesterday, but there was a manifestation by the micro (bus) drivers and all the roads were blocked.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Out of our 3 dogs, Lucha is the best with the boys. Fije avoids them as much as possible, Atzi is a spaz and knocks them over all the time, but Lucha is very gentle and just lets them pet her. Lately we have been letting her come into the hallway so the boys can be around just her. For some reason they just started noticing her nub... you know the funny looking chopped off Boxer tail. They think it is hilarious. They point and giggle when she wags it while they pet her.
Lucha doesn't mind. She loves the attention!

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