Monday, December 26, 2011

Adding to the Church

After the men cleared the KBI land the other day, Jimmy and Tutor #4 went to the village of San José Pinares to show a Gospel film. It is 2 villages down from the KBI land. We are hoping to start a work there since there is none at this time. We had wanted to start one in the village right next to the land, but we are still having lots of problems with the villagers stealing wood and they have made it clear that they hate us. Maybe over time this relationship will improve, but for now it needs lots of prayer.

They had a great turnout that night and one family accepted Christ. One man from that village recently moved there and is a Christian. He asked Jimmy and Tutor #4 to please go visit his brother's family in Sayaxché and share with them the Gospel. He said that they have been searching for God. So last Sunday we made the drive out there to hold a little service under their porch.

It was obvious that they the Holy Spirit had been drawing them, they just needed a clear presentation of the Gospel. That afternoon Abelardo and his wife Deysi put their faith in Jesus Christ! If was pretty exciting to get to see.

Afterwards Tutor #4 gave them an MP3 player that Louis Powell had sent down loaded with the Kekchi Bible. Jimmy contacted the Kekchi Baptist church there to follow up on them. They won't be part of our church plant from so far away, but they are part of our family now!

The sweet family made us caldo for lunch.

Jonah and Silas chowed down!

My boys are such little flirts, especially Silas... always talking to the girls.

The other day we heard Jonah and Silas singing together very loudly in the hallway. We looked and they were playing church. Silas had flipped over the tractors to make a podium and was preaching rather passionately with both hands at Jonah who was listening.

Every now and then they would sing a song and then pray. Later Jonah even went to the altar to pray!
Our church services are never in formal settings (usually outside somewhere) and since we got kicked out of Santa Rita we go some place different almost every week. It is so funny to me that they would pick up on all of this. I always make them take their Bibles and tell them we are going to "church", but with all the wrestling they do in our laps during the services I figured they missed all of it... I guess not!

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