Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Crazy Couple Days

Wednesday morning Jimmy left for the monthly Kekchi Baptist pastors' meeting in Sayaxché (1.5 hours away). I began having some issues and was a little concerned for Eden... mainly that she was getting ready to make her appearance sometime soon. I'm really bad at not wanting to be a baby about things, so I let them go rather than getting them checked out... like being in labor with the boys and walking out of the doctors office while Jimmy is telling the doctor something is wrong (our boys were born less than 24 hours later). Jimmy and I have an agreement now that I share every little symptom with him and he will make the call if it is a big deal or not. So I called Jimmy, thinking he was halfway to Sayaxche by that time, and told him, planning on him telling me it's nothing. He immediately got off the phone with me and called my doctor in the capital. He described my symptoms and my doctor told him to get me to the capital (8 hours away). Jimmy said, "Ok, we will start packing." To that my doctor replied, "No, you fly her here. If your baby is born that early in Petén (33 weeks), she will die." You can imagine that when Jimmy called me with this news, I started to panic. It turns out that Jimmy was still in our town at the bookstore waiting on some copies to be made. The machine had jammed and he had been waiting for some time. Jimmy was home in 2 minutes. Well there was not another flight leaving Petén until 7pm. Jimmy could have gotten me to the capital before that by driving.

We started packing like crazy. We figured we would be gone for weeks, so we had a lot to do. I know this all sounds stupid, but it's not like Jimmy can leave me with the boys in the capital and drive back and get our stuff at this point. There was just so much that we were processing. So my doctor calls about an hour later. Somehow amidst the stress my symptoms were a little better. He said, stay calm and don't rush... REALLY, after your first reaction?

So I did. I packed a little, laid on my side, drank a lot of water, had a tearful meltdown or two, and then packed a little more. I did that for the rest of the day. Jimmy got a call from Domingo saying that the pastors had a word of prayer for Eden and we got messages all day long that people in the States were praying for our little girl too. I really appreciated that. I believe it made the difference.

When I got to see my doctor in the capital he did several tests and immediately found the source of my symptoms. He was very happy (as were we) that they could be resolved with some medication. He also did a non-stress test on Eden and she was kicking a lot, but not in distress. On top of all the good news, we found out that she is now head down, ready to make her entrance into the world, only that better not be for a couple more weeks!

So our family will be living in the capital for the duration of this pregnancy. We ended up coming about 10 days earlier than planned. I really appreciate the prayers of all of you who knew about this while it was going on. Knowing so many people were praying calmed our hearts. I felt like our situation turned from panic and hopelessness to God just fixing everything for us. We have lived through 2 preemies and I am so thankful that we did not have to do that in Petén, especially since it would have been our judgement call that would have put our daughter's life in danger. I am just so grateful for God's care.


  1. Thanks Adina=) We have so many stories of God taking care of us!


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