Friday, May 18, 2012

When God Changes Your Future

We made one last trip to the capital this week for paperwork that I will share more about later. While we were there this time we got to meet up with an old friend. 
She was a teen that came to our Bible study very faithfully when we worked in NH, our first ex-guerrilla community. At the time we were kicked out she still had not accepted Christ. We knew she was in a very bad home situation but there was nothing we could do to help her until she turned 18. About a year and a half ago she called Jimmy and asked if there was some place she could go if she left home. Jimmy immediately got her on a bus and in contact with a wonderful Christian women and children's shelter in Guatemala City. 

A while back she messaged us that she had accepted Christ. This day was the first time we had seen her since the day she left Petén. Just looking at her I knew she was different. There was so much joy and peace. She was one of us, a sister in Christ. What a change! She spoke of a discipleship class she had just completed at her church and how she goes on visitation to share Christ with others. It just blew my mind. NH was such a dark place. I cannot believe she was able to come out of that. She said that she thought it would take leaving there for someone to be able to believe the truth. She doesn't even like visiting there anymore because she can sense Satan's stronghold on that place. 

This is a testimony of God's work in someone's life. The time we had with her was such a blessing to us. I loved seeing the hope that God had given her. She was so happy and had purpose. She also has a big burden for her mom. Please pray for her and her mom.  She is sending a Bible back for her. It is not safe for us to go back inside NH, but her mom will be coming over to our house to pick it up.

I hope you are rejoicing with us over the new life God has given her. We knew what her future was going to be, and to see what her life is now, makes you want to shout! It is because of stories like this that we love our life here. We seriously have the best seats in the house!

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  1. I am most definitely rejoicing with you! Kimberly was my first friend in the Peten! The front seat of the uttermost is pretty amazing!!


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