Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time For a Happy Post!

Let's talk about E! It seems like Eden is growing so fast- rapid speed compared to 32 week preemies. I haven't talked about her hardly at all since her birth, so I think this blog could use an Eden fix.
{This is my favorite pic of her}
She is 4 months old now. I can see a little bit of Silas and Jonah in her looks and her personality.
Silas and Jonah were obvious to us who they take after, but with E it's up in the air. Everyone here keeps saying she looks like Jimmy. What?! Jimmy wouldn't look good as a girl. 
I think she looks like me.
So who do you think this baby looks like?

 That was easy, her mommy of course!

Having one baby after having twins is nothing but pure enjoyment! I love it so much, I could do it a dozen more times! One baby to nurse, one baby to bathe, one baby to carry around in her little pouch. 
I don't ever have to trade babies with anyone. We get to snuggle for as long as we want! (I would NEVER trade having twins though. After you survive those first crazy 6 months it's double the fun. In fact right before E was born I was a little sad thinking the era of the twins was over.)
Eden loves bath time. She chews on her entire hand rather than a thumb or a finger, so what's better than a hand... a hand wrapped in terry cloth. She had to have a special towel like her brothers, hers is a butterfly from Kiki.
She must just like water because she loves swimming too. We took her to a nearby pool the other day and she wanted her feet free behind her to wiggle around in the water while we pulled her along. 
{After a bath, all fresh and clean!}
Eden can roll over now. At first she would get so mad after she would roll herself over.  She has never liked being on her tummy. We cannot even rock her with her laying on her tummy on our chests, she only likes to be cradled. Finally now that she can push herself up after she rolls over she has decided it's not that bad. Still she grunts a lot while she is doing it, very badly wanting to crawl. Probably won't be long. She sleeps most peacefully on her side.
I adore her chubby thighs! 
{Eden getting a checkup}
Eden weighed 15 lbs and 25.2" at her most recent checkup that put her in the 90 percentile! She is growing fast right now.
She still has her daddy's blue eyes!
It's so much fun talking to her and making her smile. 

She has just started to giggle a little bit too. 
 This little girl has no fear. She liked her swing at our forever house. Her eyes would get real big and then she would smile as she swung back and forth. 

What's even braver is living with 2 crazy little boys. Eden regularly gets pelted with foam swords, inflatable balls, and all kinds of other toys. She is starting to learn how to defend herself!
She gets tons of kisses though too. 
She really does love her brothers. 
Mommy and Daddy have to fight for her attention when her brothers are in the room. They are much more interesting!
This is Silas and Jonah sharing their (play) cellphones so that E can talk to her grandparents! They thought of that on their own, I thought it was very loving. 
Eden knows her grandparents real good already through Skype. 
{Skyping with G & MaG}
I left Eden on a blanket by herself in the office under a chain of her toys to run and put fabric softener in the laundry. I came back a minute later and found this:
Eden must have interesting toys! Or maybe they just love their sister. I will enjoy it while the harmony lasts!
Eden likes to sit or lay with her foot on someone. She likes the comfort of knowing someones there, especially when she is trying to fall asleep. Not sure why it is with her foot though. Kind of funny. We laugh when we notice it. Love her for it!
It has been interesting doing stuff with 3 kids now. This is a tough situation. Jonah and Silas still want one arm around each of them and then you have to balance E in the middle too... and turn the pages. Haha, this scene happens a lot in this house. I hope they will always love being all together!
 We love our Eden to pieces! I am so thankful that God blessed our family with this sweet little girl. I never thought I would love having a girl as much as I loved having my boys, but I do... I so do. 

 The other day at our forever house Jonah and Silas made a fun discovery.
 They could talk to each other through the pipes leading to the leach field. Uhh... gross! It hasn't been used yet. Eventually these pipes will be cut down shorter. Hope they don't try to chit chat on them after we move in! Going to have to find caps for those things.
 I couldn't hear Jonah, but Silas stuck his face down the pipe and yelled, "Hey you guys!"


  1. SHe is growing so fast! I think she looks like Silas. :D She will most likely look like mum when she grows up.

  2. Babies always change, but right now, I have to say, she has your eye shape and everything else is Jimmy! But don't worry, she's gorgeous!

    She's big, too. Dominic is 16 lbs and he's what, a month older? You're doing great feeding that little gal. I love how her brothers love on her. We have that here, too and the big boys have mostly made off with Dominic's toys, but they bring some of them back when they want to entertain him.

    1. It is so much fun watching older kids accept new ones into their family. I was worried about it, but it just all works out! They love E so much.


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