Saturday, January 26, 2013

Heard Around the House #4

Daddy was singing at the breakfast table from one of their Hermie videos,
Daddy - "I'm nuts for nuts, no if's or and's or but's."
Silas - "Daddy, no 'butt', 'POPO'!"
(The boys aren't allowed to say butt, only popo.)

We were at the checkout at the grocery store. 
Worker - (looking at Jonah in broken English) "What is your name?"
Jonah - "Jooonah"
Worker - (looking at Silas) "What is your name?"
Silas - (with a straight face) "Elmo"
(Mommy cracks up laughing!)

After yet another time our bad water pump drained the cistern.
Mommy - "The water is all gone, but Daddy is going to come home and fix it for us."
Jonah - "Aww... Daddy's a nice boy!"

Late one night we heard Jonah crying. He had awoken and was calling for Daddy. He had a bad dream.
Jonah - "Dada, don't leave! Dada, stay here!"
Daddy - "I'm not going anywhere. Don't worry I'm going to eat breakfast with you tomorrow."
Jonah - "Ok, Dada, eat eggs me."
(Jonah dreamed Daddy was flying on a plane. They often talk about eating eggs together the next morning to make sure Daddy isn't leaving before they wake up.)

I was reviewing some of the boys' Spanish words with them. I would give them the English and wait for them to tell me the Spanish. I got to "handsome" and Silas' answer was "ME!" The boy is not short on self-esteem.

I smushed my thumb and yelled - "OOOUUUCH!"
From the other room Silas yells - "Me coming Mama!
Both boys run and find me and say - "Ok, Mama?!" "Sorry, Mama."
Then they both kissed my boo boo and made everything better!

Jimmy cut several inches off of my hair and then I fixed it.
Mommy (to Daddy) - "Do you like my hair?"
Daddy -"Yes!"
Jonah - "Me like your hair, Mama! Mama pretty!"

We were all in Santa Elena together and Jimmy got back in our truck after going to an ATM.
Jonah - "Did you go to the ABC, Dada?"
Daddy - "Yes"
Silas - "Did you buy some money?"

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  1. So cute! My boys refer to ATMs as "buying money" too. :D I love that they're so sweet to you when you get hurt.


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