Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heard Around the House #5

We moved into our house 2 weeks ago! We also packed for a 2 month furlough and then flew to the States last Thursday. It has been a little hectic. I'm really tired, but grateful. 

We own some chickens that are in a coup on the property next to our house. Each morning since we've moved in one boy goes over with daddy to get fresh eggs for our breakfast. It is really nice!
 Unfortunately we are selling our chickens now since our neighbors are stealing them and our feed. (I'm more sad that I know who is stealing them than that I lost my chickens. I was really looking forward to having a close relationship with those neighbors. Hopefully we will find some ways to reach out to them, but I feel funny about having them inside my home now... just being honest.) Once we have a more secure place to have a coup we hope to own hens again. The boys loved it while it lasted. 
 Silas went with Daddy the first morning, as he was leaving the coup he turned back and said, "Thank you chickens for my eggs!"
The next morning Daddy took Jonah. Jimmy told him to pick up the eggs, but the hen was still sitting on them. Jonah said, "No, that chicken will get me!"
 So Daddy moved the hen. As Jonah leaned down to gather the eggs the hen squawked at him from across the pen.
 Jonah said, "That chicken is mad!!!"
I have a lot of counter space in my new kitchen, so my boys have helped me with almost every meal since moving in. 
 I don't have drawers yet under my countertops, so that is why it looks a little cluttered in there. I wanted to use the kitchen a little while before I decided the size and placement of my drawers.
 They love cracking the eggs and they have gotten pretty good at it.
{I don't know why I had Jimmy's over easy eggs in separate pans.}
My stovetop is fabulous! It is level and all the burners cook evenly. I just turn the knob with one hand it it lights... one hand! Unless the wind is blowing of course, and it is really nice to have that wind blowing! My kitchen is literally 20 degrees cooler than our rental house. I don't think anyone would believe how hot my other kitchen was unless they had been in there while I was cooking. 

The other day while I was snuggling with Silas I asked him  - "Will you be my baby forever?"
Silas - "No, me be BIG Jimmy." 

We don't have screens on the windows in our new house yet, so we have been telling the boys to sleep with covers over them, especially Silas since the bugs love him. Well Jonah hates sleeping under any covers. Last Wednesday night when they were sharing a bed in the hotel room in Guatemala City they were having an argument about the covers. 
Finally Silas yells while yanking the covers up over himself - "No, Jonah, bees get my knees!"
Jonah and Silas were very excited about the plane ride. 
They told me - "We're going to wear 'hatphones'!"

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