Saturday, April 6, 2013

Introducing the "Potty Bus"

There is a 2 weeks stretch of meetings where Jimmy ran the numbers and decided it would cost about the same (or even less... we'll let you know in 2 weeks) to rent an RV for our travels. We would have had to rent a car, eat out, and pay for hotels. Now we get fun while on the road, beds to take naps in for the kiddos, and homemade food to eat. We left on Tuesday and we have already made some great memories!

We had been building the RV up to the boys for a couple months. Jonah and Silas had no idea what an RV was, so after Jimmy's detailed explanation, Silas couldn't get past the thought that there was a bus with a potty on it! So for the past 2 months he has referred to our RV as the "potty bus".

Finally they got to see this cool bus!
Jonah and Silas were thrilled when Jimmy pulled up in the driveway on Monday afternoon. 
They were in button heaven!
When they saw it, they were ready to hit the road! We stayed up long after they went to bed packing for our 2 week trip. The boys were peeking out their bedroom window the whole time I think.
Jonah and Silas love their bunk. We stocked it full of books and surprises for our trip! Daddy got them some cap guns and balls and gloves and I picked them up some legos, puzzles and paints. My parents had a camper when I was growing up and we used it a lot on the weekends. I remember my mom bringing along all types of little surprise activities for us to do together. I also loved sleeping on that same bunk!
My sweet aunt and uncle loaned us the bed rail. They play up there a lot and sleep good too!
{Bible story before bedtime! They like the Moses and his stick hitting the rock story the best right now.}
There is a slide out where the table and couch are, so we even have room for Eden's pack-n-play at night.

And did I mention that Kiki came too! Here they are singing while on the road!
We are so thankful for this time together!

We've already had one meeting last Wednesday and then we had another one this Wednesday.
 The couple on either side have been down to visit us and looks like they might be back again in September! 
We have a meeting in Maryland tomorrow!


  1. Replies
    1. Still not as cool as a desert taxi though;)

  2. Wonderful idea. What a highlight for your family and ministry. We will be praying for you.
    Andrea McElfresh

  3. Love it! My grandparents had an RV and we thought it was a huge treat to sleep in it. :)


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