Monday, July 1, 2013

The Team's Trip to Livingston

The last day that the team was here they voted to go to a Kekchi village rather than a tourist trip to the Mayan ruins of Tikal. Jimmy took them on a boat ride on the Rio Dulce to the Island of Livingston. The boys and I didn't go due to some sickness, so that's why I only have 3 photos, haha! Due to Livingston's history, it has more of a Jamaican feel than a Guatemalan, so it is an interesting place to visit. 
Fish soup is usually what's served there. The teens were experiencing a little bit of anxiety looking forward to it, but they did just fine! Adam wanted it to be known that he ate TWO whole bowls! All that's left are the bones!

Unexpectedly the mission they were visiting had a service planned. Since the last time Jimmy was there they have acquired a temporary pastor, so they were excited about that. 
 The team sang some songs and shared some testimonies. Due to having gringos there, some visitors came just out of curiosity. One of those visitors was a man who put his faith in Christ during the service! 
We are thankful that the team elected for the village visit over Tikal! The church is trying to raise money to enlarge their building, so the teens gave all the money they brought for the zip lines towards the metal to extend the church's roof. Each person's zip line money just happened to be equal to one sheet of metal.

It was hard saying goodbye to this team, especially for my kiddos!
Eden loved Kelsie!
 And Jonah and Silas really enjoyed their suppers with Josh!
 After the kids said goodbye we were leaving the island of Flores and Jimmy had an idea. We had been driving by a little Fair each night and the boys kept telling us that they wanted to ride the worm! It was already past their bedtime, but we figured they needed a little bit of family time so we decided to go to the Fair! 
Once they saw all the rides, they picked the helicopters over the worm. 
The man working that ride told me to go get in a helicopter on the opposite side from Jimmy... yikes. I think I would have looked at that little ride and done that anyway so we wouldn't tip.
Eden knew what time it was and the spinning around and around almost put her to sleep. She was all snuggly!

After that the boys rode this one next. Jonah picked the motorcycle and Silas the fast car!
 Our last ride for the night was the bumper cars. We all had fun on that one. Jonah and Silas thought that it was hilarious to run into each other!
Jimmy was hauling some wood for the team through the jungle on the institute farm and ended up with Chen Chen again. He has had it before, but thankfully this time it was only on his left arm and leg and not on his face! It is a chemical burn that lasts for weeks. It is terribly painful, but it is kind of a badge of honor among Kekchi men, so he's proud of it!

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