Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heard Around the House #7

There was a day before a team got here that I was trying to get a lot of cooking and other stuff done. The power went out about 6AM I think and then was out until 1PM. I was pretty frustrated since I had something going in the crock pot that got ruined. Anyway I knew I had been pretty impatient with the boys that day so...
Mommy - "I'm sorry Mommy has been so grumpy today, will you please forgive me?"
Silas - "It's ok, Mama, you can try again!"

The other day we were playing a board game with lots of chips. First it was Jonah's turn and he dumped his chips on the floor so we waited, then it was Silas' turn and he dumped his chips on the floor so we waited, then before Silas could finish his turn he dumped his chips on the floor again.
Mommy - "Oh my goodness."
Jonah - "Come ON people!"

I was teaching the boys the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. I was trying to help them understand the concept of gravity and how Jesus created the laws of the universe, so He can break them... probably too deep for 3 and a half, but I was trying.
Mommy - "What's going to happen when I drop this pencil?"
Jonah - "It's going to turn into a snake!"
Wrong Bible story, lol! My boys love Moses stories.

Jimmy was pushing the boys in the swings Sunday afternoon and Lucha our Boxer was close by.
Daddy - "You think Lucha wants to swing?"
Silas - "Lucha can't swing, she doesn't have a popo!"
I always tell them to make sure their popo's are in the seats good so that they don't fall out! Poor Lucha!

One of my boys had just done something extra naughty one day before we left for town. Well once we were in town he wanted to stop and play at the fair again.
Daddy - "Well if you had obeyed, good things would have happened, but since you didn't I can't reward you for doing wrong."
Jonah - "Dada, I was thinking that I would be good later."

I cut a flower out of our yard and had it on the table. It looked kind of like a Bird of Paradise but with little green balls inside the petals.
Jonah - "Look, that flower had peas on it!"
Mommy - "Yeah, those look like peas don't they, but we can't eat them. God made a cool flower, huh?"
Jonah - "Yes Mommy, God made that flower for you!"

The chain on our garage door broke right when the team got here, so he hasn't had time to fix it. It is stinking heavy to try and slide yourself. Whenever Jimmy opens it he tells the boys that he uses his bare hands to open the door. Well Silas thinks that means "bear" hands. He is always talking about how he and Daddy use their bear hands to get things done. The other day I was leaving the house with just me and the kids, so I had to open the door myself. The boys were watching me, I guess thinking that we wouldn't be able to get out!
Jonah - "Mama, you don't have bear hands, how did you get that open!"

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