Friday, December 27, 2013

Two Weeks With Kiki & Papa!

We have been looking forward to this for weeks! This was the first thing to go on our Thankful Wall during the month of November - that Kiki and Papa were coming for Christmas! 
{First dinner with Kiki & Papa}
{My mom brought me my favorite cookies she makes!}
{Eating train muffins for breakfast!}
We were able to finish our guest room in time for them to stay in our new house with us! They are here for two weeks. We have been having a blast!
They got to be part of our Christmas outreaches at our church which I will post about later
and see our new house and our new church building. We love eating breakfast with Kiki and Papa each morning!!!
The boys specially requested that Kiki bring stuff to make gingerbread cookies with them! (They have a book about a gingerbread man.)
{Can you find Jonah's Captain America Gingerbread Man?!}
Silas quickly figured out that you could squeeze the icing out of the top of the piping paper... yum! 
 Tamales are a traditional Christmas Eve meal here. Our friend Y brought us over some as a special treat, so my parents got to try them!
 We enjoy doing our night night routine with Kiki and Papa too. We read our verse books and sing songs together! Then Papa usually jokes around with Jonah and Silas and gets them all hyper again before bedtime... that's what Grandpas are for! 
 They have been playing lots of games and puzzles together. 
The boys got lots of legos for Christmas! They also got a doctor set, so Papa has pretty much been "sick" every day and needs a regular shot or two... right in the chin! 
My parents also got to see how the institute is coming along. Jimmy has been down there welding the roof and windows this week. My dad even went to help him! 
My mom helped me finish sewing all kinds of things for Eden for Christmas too. It's fun to have someone to create things with!
We are so thankful that they came to visit us!

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  1. Oh, it sounds like you are having a fantastic time with family! What a blessing to have them visit.


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