Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Pickup Full

I know it is hard to believe, but there has been another threat made from that wonderful first guerrilla community we just love to keep going back too! We have stopped paying to have a bus go in there to bring people to church. We were concerned it would actually cause a lot of harm to our church and to us to continue bringing them. There are all kinds of dark things going on that just make it unsafe for our family. I don't foresee us ever going back in there this time. It is so oppressive. There have been victories and there are people who are now living victorious Christian lives outside of that community. I honestly don't think it is possible inside that place. 

Anyway this has happened before, but it seems like whenever a door is closed God says to us, "Well here are some other people who ARE ready for the Gospel!" 
The very next week families from the village next door to the institute started piling on the pickup that brings the students to church! I think Y(the institute cook) has a lot to do with that. She is such a beautiful lady inside and out, I think she has a gift of bringing people to Jesus! 

And so begins another chapter with a new group of people! I am so thankful for those God brings into our lives. There is no church in their village... maybe there will be soon!

And yes this is the village where the cops told Jimmy he was on his own if things went bad

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