Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Flyover

Before I finish sharing about our furlough I wanted to share some more currents things. I think I will try to do shorter more frequent post so that all the things I want our family to remember when we look back in the years to come actually get on here, instead being of lost in my head while I'm waiting for free time to write a big post full of photos. 

Yesterday Jimmy went up with our missionary pilot friend Paul to take some aerial photos of the farm, where the pastor institute is located (KBI). 
{Paul with the students}
 It is 180 acres. These photos will be used for a couple things, the first being to map off zones for the students to work. Each student will have their own land to farm which for now includes: crops, turkeys, pigs, and chickens. All the fish ponds will be towards the front of the property. Projects that belong to the institute will also be mapped off, like the lime trees and palm plantation.  It was nice to get an overall view to understand which parts are still dense jungle and which are somewhat cleared off.
None of the students had ever flown before, so it was a pretty exciting day!
{H telling R to "ssshhh" because he didn't know everyone could hear him now that he had his headset on, haha!}
Here is the farm. I didn't sort through all the photos Jimmy took, so these are not the very best ones but you know... I'm not spending a hour or two on a post anymore!
The property starts from the horizontal road up and then you can see the village of Zapotal on the left side of the vertical road. The property extends all the way past to the brief clearing on the right. 

 Things to find for fun. (You know this teacher loves worksheets!)
  1. The current students fields where they farm on the left. There is a diagonal waterpipe going through all 3 field. 
  2. There are 8 student houses (one is kind of shaded by trees), 4 on either side of the main concrete building that houses the classrooms. The classroom building only has a roof on two rooms right now, the last two on the right.
  3. The main entrance is to the right of those classrooms with the roofs.
  4. There are 4 fish ponds in the bottom left corner, only 2 have water in them with fish right now.
  5. There is a clearing at the very bottom of that bottom left corner that is for the future church building where all the people from Zapotal can attend that currently ride the bus to our church in San Pancho, yay!
Did you find everything?! Well if you were here I would give you a happy face stamp!

The photo above is taken from the opposite direction, so that is the back half of the property. It is not a perfect square or rectangle, it is inside that v.

Since our house is close by, Jimmy texted us during our class and told us to come outside. 
We ran out into the back yard to wave at Dada! Eden was very upset that he didn't yell "Hi" back. 
Jimmy took a photo of our house too. We live on an undeveloped outskirt of town.
    We hear all the howler monkeys that live in that dense jungle on the left from our back porch. There is a chicken farm on the left along with other stuff growing in those fields. Becca owns the property to our right and the property behind our house is for sale, FYI! We are standing in our back yard, but you can't really see us. I'm the speck to the right of the kids' yellow roofed swing set. (That was for my dad, because I'm sure he will ask!)

    For the record, this post took less than one nap time. I'm liking this new plan!

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