Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Curse of the Big Goat

 We have a billy goat at the farm that is hilarious. He has a very mischievous personality. The other day during my class he kept going into the room next door and eating the corn that the students had spread out to dry. Henry would get up in class and go shew him away, but he would just go back as soon as he left. Henry eventually got busy doing his work and tired of shewing him, so the goat got mad. He stopped eating corn and walked into our classroom, like "where are you, can't you see I'm eating your corn?!" That dumb goat probably doesn't even like corn.
This goat's little Mrs. had twins and ever since she started producing milk Jimmy has kept him away from her since the male goat makes the milk taste bad and Jimmy wants to use the milk for the kids at the farm. No wonder he is so naughty. Poor lonely goat.
The other day a lady came to the farm asking for some hair from this goat. Her kid had gotten sick soon after coming to the farm with her to buy eggs. She had done what many people do here, she had taken her sick, feverish son to a Mayan witch (there are a bunch of witches in the village next to the farm). He said that our goat gave him the evil eye while he was at the farm. (Totally believable with this goat!) Now they needed some of his hair to remove the curse. (Not as believable.) Jimmy told the students to give her the hair, but then later go to her house to pray for her son and witness to them. This family has never been to our church. Many live in fear here of evil spirits. Please pray for this new church plant in the village of Zapotal, that it will bring the Good News of a loving God to so many who are bound by fear. 3 more people from the village accepted Christ this past Sunday.


  1. I've never heard of a goat giving the Mal Ojo . . . or any animal, just people. Interesting. We used to raise goats when I was a kid and the billy goat always knocked me down!

    1. Before this I had only heard of sweaty men giving the mal ojo. Maybe it is anything that smells bad, haha!


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