Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Family Traditions #29: New Year's Eve 2014

Last year we spent New Years Eve in a hotel in Guate because we were dropping my parents off at the airport the next day. It would be awesome if we could make THAT a tradition! But this year, since it was just us, we picked up with the traditions we started 2 years before, only thing is, the kids were too young to remember them!

I decorated our back door like this while they were sleeping:
{The instagram filter isn't doing any favors for the stains on my couches;)}
Each hour starting at noon on New Years Eve there was a balloon to pop. 
 I don't think Jonah ever actually popped a balloon in this photo. He has always been kind of sensitive to loud noises. E would dramatically act like she was scared and then giggle afterwards, so Silas popped all the balloons for us.
 Once supper time hit, the party started!
It was a night of fondue. We had Teriyaki Beef, potatoes, and green onions. The kiddos think it is super cool to cook their own food. The potatoes take forever, so we decided to dump them in and cook them all at once. Once we spooned them out, it was easy for us to all cook the meat and onions on our own since they cook so fast.  
After supper we watched Davy Crockett. Then we had chocolate fondue. I forgot to buy strawberries, but it didn't matter because we used marshmallows instead and they were super yummy!!!
As you can tell in this video, it was the "Best Night Ever!" Haha!

Then we played some Old Maid. Eden loves getting the "Old Man" card as she calls it!
Then we watched the old Doctor Doolittle since we had just read the book. I had forgotten how long that movie was!

Then we worked on our little family new years book.
There are lots of ideas online for these, but these are the questions we decided on that we though would be fun to go back and read about each of us as we grow.

We keep them in a little burlap covered scrapbooking notebook. (Side note, I cannot imagine any hobby more stressful than scrapbooking, lol! I would be eternally behind, so the blog and this book are as close as I get.)

Both Jonah and Silas said that the thing they were most thankful for this year was that they are a Christian now! Jonah said his biggest goal was to be able to read a book all by himself and Silas said his biggest goal for next year was to drink pop, lol! Eden probably isn't ready for these questions yet. We asked her what she wanted to learn or get better at this coming year and she said, "at the doctor place". Of course, because that is where you go to "get better"! 

We were hungry again by the time we finished all these deep questions, so we ate more fondue! This time it was cheesy bacon fondue with homemade bread!
 I was a little worried that once it got real late, the kiddos would turn into whiny messes, but it never happened. Maybe because of all the sugar! Any other night of the week you can tell what time it is by the attitudes.
 Sometime between 11:50 and midnight, Eden fell sleep... so close!
We had a fun evening together as a family. I love the family God has blessed me with so much and am thankful for all the special memories God gives us together!

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  1. You guys will be so thankful for all the effort you put into making these traditions for your little family. Your kiddos will have such great memories and a fabulous legacy to pass on to their children.


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