Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Special Moments in Wichita

4 Generations!
Great Grandma Dinsmore
Great Grandpa Mitchell
Great Grandma Mitchell... who knows about raising twins first-hand!
Her twins with my twins! (Their Grandma is on the right.)
The Boggs happened to be in KS and got to meet the boys. Then Jimmy ran into Larry again in Guate when he was just there.
Christmas morning when we were all opening our cards from his parents. We were laughing because all of our cards said not to tell the others but that we were the favorite!
Jill was so helpful with her new nephews while we were there. The boys are going to miss her.
The last two nights since Jimmy was already gone I would not have been able get things packed without Jill and Robin (Jon's girlfriend, who we love!). Jon and Joe helped get us to the airport too.

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