Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tickets Are Bought

We have received Silas and Jonah's passports and have purchased our plane tickets. Jimmy and his dad are flying back next Wednesday. They are going to make sure everything is functional for when the boys get there, like vehicles, power, and water, and that all the bugs inside our house are dead. Then his mom and I will fly with the boys on Saturday. Home is so close I can taste it! I cannot wait to see my doggies!!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Getting passports for the boys was an ordeal. We had everything that the passport application form said we needed before we left for the post office (in the ice and snow) with our boys. Well when we arrived there was a sign on the door that said we needed a photocopy of the passport customer's ID and that they do not make copies there. So we soon returned (in the ice and snow) with our boys and with photocopies of their birth certificates. This time we made it to the counter, but the lady did not like the photos Walgreens had taken of them. So we soon returned a third time (in the ice and snow) with our boys and improved photos. This time the lady behind the counter said, "A birth certificate is not a form of ID." Jimmy said, "Well is there ID you can get for a baby?" And here is my favorite part that reminded me this was run by our extremely efficient and competent government. "Yes," she replied, "... a passport!"

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