Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 Years Already

We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary yesterday. We have spent over half of our married life in Guatemala!
For lunch we went to Maya International. This is on the patio where we ate. It is a quaint hotel where we take our teams to eat. I think the backdrop to our life is beautiful!

This swing was next to our table.
Silas' bulldog face!
Same smile!
Afterwards we went to my favorite nursery and picked out fruit trees. That was our present to each other. We got 2 avocado and 2 mandarin orange trees. We are still waiting on some grapefruit trees.
We were planning on planting them on our land ourselves, but it started raining on the way there and was very slippery muddy so since we were holding both boys we decided it was better just to let the guys who were still there working do it. (That's Quincho, he's back!)
Jonah watching Lico plant our avocado tree.
The 4 of us had a great day!

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