Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ice Cream!

21 kids qualified this time to come to the reward party. 9-12 year olds who bring their Bibles, turn in their devotional sheets, and memorize verses earn points each week and then get to spend them on ice cream toppings and other things! We had two new things this time, pineapple topping and plain ol' apples... I sold out. These kids love fruit.
We played tons of games and had a great time! We all went home tired, happy, and full!
Before we went on furlough I was averaging 40+ kids each week in Santa Rita. Since we've been back I have only been running around 30. I wasn't sure what happened. I knew a couple kids had moved and the rest I hadn't seen in a while... and then I figured it out. Yesterday I overheard Jimmy poaching 3 of my favorites faithful ones, telling them that they are old enough to come to the teen/adult time. I see what's going on now. I'm going to have to get some new recruits!

Tortrix are a very popular snack in Guatemala, they sell them at every tienda. It's a pretty big company I would assume...
Here's their van we regularly see parked in front of stores making deliveries!


  1. So . . . my mouth is currently watering thinking about Tortrix chips . . . .

  2. Ha ha...that's funny that your "kids" are now going to the adult study! And you know I love Tortrix!

  3. HAHA I love it! How awesome it is to give those kids something to work towards each month...and yeah, I think I'll pass on the Tortrix lol.


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