Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last week we were officially adopted into the family of Kekchi Baptist Pastors. This is the first time a foreign missionary has requested to be part of the Petén group. It is really the next phase in the work that the Southern Baptists started in Cobán, the churches where these men heard the Gospel and answered the call to preach. Now it is time to take the Gospel to all parts of Petén.
After over two years of working with these 62 men, Jimmy felt like his relationship was close enough to request this and after the shock wore off we were wholeheartedly accepted. Last Wednesday at their annual meeting, we presented our letter of recommendation and other paperwork and then were voted into their association. Their association is a way for these pastors to pool their resources, have fellowship, encourage each other, and have accountability.
The discussion started 2 weeks ago during the January KBI session. Jimmy was tired of being singled out. He did not want the men to feel as though he was trying to come in and take over or start his own thing, he wants to come alongside them and work with them. We can help in the area of training. We have the resources to help start a permanent seminary, which they are very excited about.
I didn't get a photo of them, but our friends David and Regina were there and were asked to come to the front to pray over us. They are missionaries with the IMB who just finished their 3 year internship in Cobán and arrived in Petén as "full-time" missionaries in November to begin an up to 3 year assignment. They are the first IMB missionaries in Petén. We are excited about working with them whenever possible, but more than anything else we are thankful for the fellowship with them and their heart for the Kekchi! They live in Sayaxché, about 1.5 hours from us.

{Silas with José's wife, Candelaria}
As we walked up to the front to be accepted, the men were applauding. We clap with the boys all the time, so as soon as Jonah and Silas heard the applause, they started clapping too. The men loved it. They kept clapping just to get the boys to do it! They are 2 little hams. They get so much love and acceptance from our Kekchi friends.

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