Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Watching the Church Grow

Sunday night we went to Poptún to attend a service of the new Kekchi church plant.
Do you recognize those green chairs?!
James was asked to share a little about himself. They all giggle with delight when he starts to speak Kekchi because they cannot believe it!
Jimmy and I said hello too and that we were happy to be there with them... in Spanish!
I loved seeing Mateo and his wife working together to build this church. Mateo is very articulate and confidant... the good kind of confidence when he preaches, confidence in the God he is speaking about. His wife is just as passionate about this church plant. After the service she served everyone a type of oatmeal drink and bread while we had a nice time of fellowship. Everyone there is so friendly.
Jonah and Silas were well received of course. I love the way they instantly connect us with people. They got passed around a lot. They are very comfortable with Chapines, so they didn't fuss a bit. They both have started walking. Silas more than Jonah. He wanted to show off his new moves... and he did! He was walking all over the place!

Pastor Mateo was on the radio yesterday for the first time. He got 2 calls already from the broadcast asking about the church!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Silas loves hats and thinks everything is hilarious when it is on your head. After the service he went up front and stole the offering plate off of the table/podium and walked around with it on his head... he was right, it was hilarious, he had everyone laughing!

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  1. This is so exciting to hear! What a blessing that Mateo's wife is just as passionate and excited about this plant as Mateo. A gringo sharing in Kekchi has to be exciting for those already a part of the church.


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