Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Topeka Team

You could not ask for a better team than this one. All of them had a great attitude 100% of the time. They were doing hard labor during the hottest time of year here. After they finished all that work, they got to witness us being kicked out of the village... yay. We believe their hard work on that building will pay off though, we just have to be patient.
{Lico & Matt}
Lico (from New Horizon) normally works at our forever house. He is in charge of all of the construction and does an excellent job. While the team was here, Jimmy had him in Santa Rita leading the group. He told Jimmy that he wanted to work those days for free. I was really impressed by that. He believed in what God is doing in Santa Rita so much that it moved him to make a personal sacrifice... a big one I would say. I am challenged almost daily by what I see around me. There are so many people here with so much less, making much more of a sacrifice than I ever have.
{Jacob, Ian, Jordan, & Clint}
{Clint, Jordan, & Jacob}
{Matt & Gordo installing the wood above the doors, they are the doors off the building in New Horizon}
{The finished walls... and Pastor Tim!}
The team stood outside the town hall and sweated listened to the long 2.5 hour meeting. Afterwards we all came down to the building and prayed before we left.
{Last meal with this team at Maya International}
{Jonah with his new buddy Jacob}
This team was so sweet to my boys. Jonah and Silas had so much fun with all of them.

The building has a roof now. We have only been back in once to take this photo. We also talked to Fabio to let him know that we have not forsaken him and to tell him not to lose hope... it ended up being more like him telling us that! He said that things have calmed down a lot in there. We took that as good news... us being old news.
Some things never change...
{Jonah at 6 days old}
{Jonah at 5 months}
{Jonah at 16 months}


  1. Hey Jimmy & Shelley! I sent a couple of e-mails regarding your upcoming visit to CrossRoads in Daytona Beach. I just want to make sure you received them and all is well. If you didn't get them, let me know and I'll ask Pastor Rob to troubleshoot. If you're able, please give me a call at the church office on Friday. Thanks! Brian D.

  2. The building is beautiful!! And Jonah's little legs always did crack me up. Even when he was still in the hospital they were also sticking out at some random angle. What a funny kid!

  3. The building looks amazing! This reminds me of what my family used to do on our vacations. I miss doing construction with people I love for a great goal.

    Jonah's so funny. :D

  4. You have a good memory, Amy. I went back and found one of those frog leg pictures from the NICU to post.


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