Monday, March 7, 2011

What God is Doing in Poptún

Two Sundays ago we took the team to the Sunday morning service at the new Kekchi church plant in Poptún.
Pastor Tim shared with the group why they had come and how they were excited about this new church plant.
Kim shared her testimony. The ladies loved it when she said she was a mom of 5 boys and 1 grandson... they can relate to that!
The team sang a song in English. That is a common request. It's beautiful to hear your God worshiped in a language different from your own.
Teresa, pastor Mateo's wife, served everyone tostadas.
I'm not normally a fan of goat cheese, but with the homemade sauce it was delicious. I would have eaten more if I hadn't been chasing 2 little boys!
The services are held on their patio and the sun was extra bright, so this photo is a little grainy, but it is of the pastor's entire family: Pastor Mateo, Teresa, Gamaliel, Santiago, & Lourdes.
This is a new family that was their that day. They had heard through the radio broadcast about this new church in Kekchi. They accepted Christ and came from an hour away to attend the service. (They were there this Sunday too.)
After the service we all walked down to see the new land that they had just purchased on which to build a permanent building. They along with all the other Kekchi pastors have been raising money for this new church building.
{Jimmy, Mateo, and Jonah}
{Silas, still wearing pastor Tim's hat, with his buddy Jacob}
{I love little girls in the traditional dress... so cute!}
Here are some of the families from the church in front of their newly purchased land. It is very close to the main highway. They are going to put up a large sign that can be easily seen from that road... free advertising! We all prayed together before we walked back, thanking God for the land and asking Him to continue to bless this church so that more Kekchi people will be reached and discipled for Him.


  1. Love the radio ministry and the opportunity it brings to so many Kekchi. And the fact that Pastor was concerned about the sun and Jonah! :-) Super sweet!

  2. Love you Amy!

    I thought it was sweet too. That little white boy needs a tan!


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