Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Photos in FL

We are flying back to Guatemala today!!! Before we left we were able to get a couple of family photos with Papa and Kiki. Becca was so nice to be our photographer. She was very patient and did a great job!
We went over to Trinity, my home church the first day. The church is on a beautiful property with lots of photo options!
Silas has recently learned how to pick flowers and take them to his mommy and grandma... he's a charmer.
He kept giving us dandelions.

I think Jonah was eating the ones he found!
We even dropped by the playground to give the boys a break!
{Twin slides}
We all got to play for a while.
Jonah and Silas loved all the jungle gyms. We were running from side to side trying to keep them from falling off. 2 going in opposite directions is tough!

They were funny about the sand and didn't want it on them. This was a sweet moment. Jonah was distressed about the sand he got on his hands as he tumbled off the slide. Silas came over and was concerned about his brother...
so he helped him clean off his hands.
Jimmy had the great idea of getting family photos at the beach since we are in FL. What a beautiful backdrop!
Here the water came up from behind us and surprised us.
This was the boys' third trip to the beach, so they were very comfortable this time.
We had so much fun together!
Papa taught Silas how to write in the sand.
At first he tried to use his finger... that didn't work since he would actually have to come in contact with sand! Once Papa gave him a shell to use, he was set.
We are so thankful to Becca for going with us both days to capture moments with my family.
{Me and my dad!}
{Silas, Kiki, Papa, & Jonah}
Yep... we had fun!

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