Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Time at the Beach

As soon as we got back to Jax we took the boys to the beach!
Jonah walked with Jimmy right into the water. He loved it!
Jimmy picked him up to take him deeper to get to the larger waves. When a wave came, he would lower Jonah just enough to get a good splash. Jonah thought it was hilarious!
This is what poor Silas thought about the beach. We weren't sure what startled him. Maybe it was the sound of the ocean. He loves bath time. I guess this tub was just a little too big.
We tried hard to cheer him up.
I sat with him for a while in shallow water, thinking maybe we took him into the water too fast. Just about the time I got him comfortable and calm, this happened...
His daddy came up and splashed him. And this picture captures exactly what Silas and I thought about it! Poor Daddy, he had good intentions.
So his Becca took him to play in the sand.
And Silas loved the sand... from his chair. That silly little boy wouldn't even sit in the sand!
Jonah loved the sand, but he didn't want to sit in it either. When he would stumble and both hands hit the sand, he would immediately come to us with his dirty hands raise in the air asking us to rinse them off. I don't think this desire to be clean will last for long, so I guess I should enjoy it. Soon they will be bringing me handfuls of dirt and worms!
Silas was getting braver the longer we stayed. He trusted his daddy to get him this close to the water without screaming!
Jonah was very independent. We had to keep a close eye on him. Actually I think he keeps closer tabs on us than we keep on him. He is very brave if knows his parents are watching! Right now Jonah is a daredevil but likes to stay close. Silas has no problem walking off all by himself, giggling all the way.
We had so much fun watching the boys experience the beach for the first time. Kiki and Becca didn't want to miss it either, so it was an extra special memory!

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