Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jay's Here

One of our interns came back! This is his survey trip before he begins deputation (raising his support to live here full-time). We picked him up from the airport Monday night.

He is here to set future ministry goals, look at housing, get materials for his display, find out living expenses, and anything else that you do when planning on moving somewhere. He will be doing an internship in Kentucky while he is scheduling meetings, then he will begin deputation, then once his support is raised he will move to Petén. We are excited about having a team mate!
Today they went to Poptún to meet with Mateo and Domingo. They were the voices for the puppet skit that Amy wrote. Amy is coming down again for a full week of outreach to 9 different Kekchi villages. These are villages with either no work or a brand new one. Please pray for this! Another friend from Jimmy's home church is coming too along with 2 old Guatemalan friends that we haven't seen since language school! It is going to be a great week!
Mateo and Domingo recorded the voices in Kekchi and Jimmy will edit them and add some sound effects. The team will go village to village presenting the Gospel through this puppet skit. Please pray for this outreach.

This evening Jay got to sit in on our Kekchi class with our tutor, Tutor #4. I have not posted about him yet, but we have been studying with him since our first week back.
Poor Jay, Tutor #4 pauses a lot to think about more examples to share with us as we are going over vocab or sentences. Each time Jay thought Tutor #4 was waiting on him to try and pronounce the word or read the sentence. He would just go for it! He was a good sport and sounded pretty good. Kekchi is hard to just jump into. We have fun trying to pronounce things and laugh at ourselves a lot. Tutor #4 gets a good laugh too!

We are pretty sure that Jimmy has dengue again. Actually there is a lot of stuff happening to our family right now and we would really appreciate some prayers if you would remember and think to pray for us!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Jay was hungry when we picked him up from the airport, so we took him by Pollo Campero before heading out of town. He order some all white meat chicken nuggets. We joke that only gringos must order these, because they always have to make them fresh and it takes 5+ minutes. They must have a sensor because they never want us to sit right by the window and wait because it messes up their time and they can't have a record of anyone waiting for 5 minutes. They always ask us to backup a little bit, so the sensor doesn't read us while we wait. Glad our funny eating doesn't mess up their stats!

Another thing we noticed is that they always give gringos ranch dressing as their sauce. One time when we were standing inside at the counter I saw their buckets of sauce. The ranch had a big label in front of it that read, gringo. Very thoughtful of them!

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