Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunday in Poptún

The team is at Tikal today. Jimmy downloaded all of their photos for me, but I don't know enough about what happened the last two days to share yet. We couldn't find a 4-wheel-drive vehicle large enough to get all of us to the villages, so the boys and I stayed home this time. We will go again in the future. It was for the best anyway since the second day they ended up ditching their vehicle and riding in a couple of wobbly canoes. Without life jackets for the boys, I really wouldn't have been very comfortable with that. God knows how much a mama can handle. They have had 3 good days of ministry though. They come back tired. The second day they didn't even eat supper, they just all went to bed. Last night was pretty late too, but we at least all got a meal together.

I didn't share about Sunday, but we all had a great day together. The Xela guys hadn't arrived yet, but we took Jay, Colonel, and Amy to Poptún to visit Mateo's church. It is the new Kekchi church plant that we have been attending.
This particular Sunday they had it in a barrio on the outskirts of Poptún. A family walks from this neighborhood an hour each way to come, so this week they held the services at their home. There are no other churches in this neighborhood, so once Mateo gets his church established, they might start a Kekchi mission here.
{Jay sharing his testimony}

They were all so kind to our friends. They invited each of them to share their testimony. They wanted to get to know them a little.
{Colonel sharing his testimony}

They had a great time with Colonel's name. In Kekchi, "Colonel" means Savior! So there were a lot of jokes having to do with that.
{Amy sharing her testimony}

This is what I love about Amy. As soon as she got up there, they asked her to sing a song in English for them to hear. Amy is such a good sport she was going to do it. We told them that we would all get up there at the end and sing a hymn together in English that they knew in Kekchi. We did and then they sung it in Kekchi. It was beautiful!

Sunday evening we went to Villa Maya for dinner. This is one of our favorite places in all of Petén. The crocodile wasn't there to feed tortillas to this time, but we still had a wonderful time. It is just a lovely place.
{Like father like son!}

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: During the week leading up to the team getting here I have been redoing the curtains for our puppet stage and getting costumes ready for the puppets. Once I got all the puppets laid out I realized Silas did not like them. Jonah thought they were fun, but Silas didn't trust them. Puppets can be creepy. One night I got up to get some water and came back and found the witch doctor in my bed...
I jumped! Jimmy thinks he's funny.

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  1. The boys are growing quickly!

    I think puppets are creepy...


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