Monday, October 17, 2011

The Rainy Season

Rain is a welcome relief to the heat. During rainy season though you will have some dry spells. Those dry spells are hotter to me than any day during the dry season. When our house cools off due to rain and then heats back up again for a dry spell, only to cool back off a couple days later, our ceiling starts falling in chunks rather than the normal sprinkle we usually have.
This is just one day's worth of ceiling drop. I use the inside and top of our dryer as our linen closet, so that is why there are sheets on there.

During our first rainy season in this house we realized that the concrete roof was unlevel, so water would pool on our roof. We also found out that it was not sealed, so the water just seeped through to our ceiling. Jimmy immediately sealed the roof, but there was still water in the concrete. We figured it would eventually dry out and that the paint from our ceiling would eventually stop falling. Well it didn't. Our bedroom and office aren't that bad, but the rest of the rooms are horrible still. We sealed the ceiling in the boys' room and then repainted it before they were born.

We weren't supposed to be in this house very long and amidst all the other repairs it constantly needed we put all the other rooms off. The sealant is some pretty nasty stuff and drips everywhere, so you have to remove everything from the room to do it. We kept thinking it would eventually dry out with all the heat, but it never did. It just gets worse.

This is what we just noticed in our laundry room:
It is not just the paint flaking off, there is actually black stuff growing up there now and it is falling on to our stuff. This room is where we store all of our food, hang dry our laundry, store the boys' bath tub and outdoor toys, and also is our clothes closet. I am really afraid of it. It is so dangerous. We have to get out of this house ASAP! Now it looks like our forever house won't even be done by Thanksgiving. Boo!


  1. We are in Belize and it sure has been hot in between the rain here too.

  2. Hi Alida! Where are you guys at in Belize? We go to Belize to renew our visas, but don't know much about it, so we usually just go to Spanish Lookout. I looked at your blog. Sounds like a really great ministry God has given to you 2 there!

  3. Black mold is dangerous stuff. Y'all be super careful! Bleach works pretty good to but a restraint on the nasty stuff - but isn't permanent.


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