Saturday, January 14, 2012

Handmade Home #7: Twin Big Boy Beds!

I probably would have kept them in their cribs longer, but there is no way we were going to own 3 cribs, and Jonah and Silas needed to transition into big boy beds so that Eden could have one of theirs in March. They were ready for big boy beds, I was the one that wasn't. Thanks to the super heavy duty cribs that their daddy built them they could have lasted in them a while longer. They didn't have the thin slats that you can rap your toes around and climb out of, so we never had issues like that. With all the bouncing and jumping they did together, I don't think a regular store bought one would have lasted a year with these monkeys!
I showed Jimmy a picture of what I wanted and he built 2 beds for me! I am so thankful for all the nice things he builds for us. I asked for large bolts and he made that happen too! I didn't want any headboards, so that they could feel connected.

I was having a little anxiety about the transition. I wanted them to have beds in the same spot as their cribs... in this house before we moved, so they wouldn't get new beds and a new room... and before Eden got here, so they wouldn't associate the change with her.
We made the swap on Christmas day before nap time. The whole thing was quite exciting to them! For a while I think they thought we swapped their beds for 2 play tables!

Once we got the mattress and sheets on them they realized it was like Mommy & Daddy's bed... that we wrestle and have pillow fights on = Party all the time!
They bounced around between the 2 beds for a while.
At first it looked like they had decided to switch spots...
but that only lasted until about 10 minutes into their nap time. They couldn't stand it, they had to switch back.
{Their first nap time!}

Until this point I had been insistent on there not being as much as a bumper in their crib. I was afraid of suffocation. I just dressed them warm if we were somewhere cold. They have never slept with a blanket, a pillow, or a plush toy. Once they got older if we ever gave them a stuffed animal they would launch it out of their cribs, so I guess they didn't mind... they had a brother to keep them company.

With their beds we presented it to them with pillows, a quilt, and monkeys from Becca. They accepted it all... but the monkeys have to sleep in the crack though!

Their quilts were the first ones I ever made. It was literally blood, sweat, and tears! I used this tutorial and had to use a lot of plan C and D's in order to make it work with what I had... but I finished them, and I love them! There is no way I would be able to find bedding down here that I liked, especially 2, that were similar but different. I wanted fluffy batting so it would be nice and comfy (which is good since that is all I could find!). The batting wouldn't fit through my machine, so I ended up tying them. Thankfully my friend Holly loaned me the largest embroidery hoop I have ever seen to be able to tie them. She saved the day... I was at a very low point by then and ready to chuck it all. I really like the look of the back of them.
{It is with red yarn, so it's hard to see in a photo}

As you can tell from the photo above, Silas chose the gray and red and Jonah the blue and red. They know whose is whose and I like that! The transition was incredibly smooth, not the traumatic event I was expecting at all!

Here are some other things we made/put together for them for Christmas... I say "we" because Jimmy diligently helped me scavenger all the pieces!

Stick horses:

I got the tutorial from here. I think their favorite part of these is that they jingle when they ride them.
{Silas riding his horsy}

Grandma & G-Dawg sent guns, holsters, and sheriff badges to complete the outfit. I made the vest from a pattern downloaded here. Mine are out of suede like material though since my boys would rip felt apart at this age.
They love the guns, but I don't think they understand the vest/sherif badges quite yet. I thought they would get it from watching Veggietales' "Moe and the Big Exit", but maybe soon.

We bought the leather tool holder part from the hardware store and then made the belts with their favorite claps on them... they love snapping them for some reason. We found the toy tools in Guatemala City and then Jimmy had some dummy keys made for them complete with a whistle keychain... like all toddlers, they LOVE keys!
{Jonah loading his tool belt}

They got some regular toys too, but I hope these will inspire imaginary play. We hope to add to the collection each year.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: This is what Jonah and Silas were doing when they woke up from their nap one day. Because of our night night routine they think that after you sing a song you are always supposed to pray! I didn't realize it at the time, but it was one of their last nap times in their cribs. I am so thankful I got it on video!

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  1. I love seeing the things you create! Jonah and Silas are so big from when I saw them. :) It goes fast.


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