Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Found a Place to Stay!

Jimmy has been searching for months. We needed a place to stay in the capital for the last month of the pregnancy since that is where I will be giving birth. It is difficult to find places to rent for shorter than 6 months unless it is a vacation home and those places are very expensive. Jimmy found this place after searching for corporate housing. They let you pay by the day and water, electricity, phone, and internet are free (well... included).
It is gated, inside a gated community. It is surrounded by beautiful walking paths and even a little brook. AND it is 20 minutes from the hospital where I will be giving birth!
The owner is a Christian and showed us around. He was so kind. He has answered the phone each time we have called (even at 9:30pm), so I think he takes a lot of pride in the place and it shows. It is SO clean!
All the apartments are the same. The living room, dining room and kitchen are nice and open. The kitchen is actually furnished, so I will not have to bring very many things to cook with. It does not have a real stove/oven, but the owner said it would be no problem to bring in one for us.

It has 3 bedrooms (my Mom and maybe some other special guests will be coming for part of the time we are there!) and each have closets with plenty of space.
All the beds have drawers underneath too. We may ask to have the bottom of the bed taken out for J&S' room since falling out of a bed this high would really hurt!

The master bath has a bathtub for the boys!!!
And here is my very favorite part...
Look... isn't it wonderful!

The tap water is all purified and they have hot water even in the kitchen. It is a lot nicer than our rental house haha! The owner said they have lots of church groups stay there and even Michael W Smith and the Barlow Girls have stayed there when they were in town for a concert... pretty cool random fact!

This is a big answer to prayer. Last month we were pretty discouraged about finding a place and didn't even find this one until about 13 hours before we left for this trip. We are just so thankful.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: When we pulled into the hotel parking lot in Guatemala City the guard had a ski jacket on and a scarf around his face... it scared me. We had been in the truck all day with controlled temperatures. Then I looked at the thermometer and I got even more scared...
Guate is a different world from Petén.


  1. Wow!! It is beautiful!! I know this is a major relief!! Stay warm =)

  2. Awesome!!! I'm so excited that you guys found some place so nice (and the washer/drier is super cool). And it was 62 in Wichita today . . . just saying. You guys may have to come home to warm up. =)


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