Friday, March 23, 2012

The Day My Boys Were No Longer Babies

A couple weeks before Eden was born I took one of my rings off because my fingers were a little swollen. I misplaced it after that because of my pregnancy brain. It wasn't a particularly expensive ring, but I bought it as a present for myself when I finished college. I have worn it for the last 10 years and without it on my finger, my whole hand felt weird. I prayed and prayed that I would find it. I knew it was in the rental house somewhere, but we searched the place over and it was nowhere to be found. Well just about the time my anxiety was getting pretty high the night I went into labor, Jimmy found my ring in one of the bags we had taken with us to the hospital. I was shocked! It was just one of those moments where I felt a hug from God... when I really needed one. The timing of that experience meant more to me than the ring.

I wasn't discharged from the hospital until Friday morning. My doctor wanted me to stay that long because he thought I would overdo it with the twins.

Originally my mom and the boys were not going to be allowed in to see Eden. Jimmy took pictures and a video home to introduce Jonah and Silas to their new sister. My mom videotaped their reaction for me. I love it and will treasure it always!
The boys are so cute as the light slowly comes on that the baby that had been in Mommy's belly was now here!

While we were in the hospital they wouldn't let us use our own baby blankets or clothes, but we snuck a headband on her to take a photo!
Later in the week Jimmy worked it out with the pediatrician that Jonah, Silas and my mom could actually come in and see Eden!

When my boys walked through the door, I could hardly believe they were mine. After not seeing them for 48 hours and then holding Eden all that time, they looked so big and grown up. Where did my babies go?! I have enjoyed every stage with them. Now they are big enough to have mini conversations. I love it!
Silas ran in and immediately embraced Eden. He loves to give her kisses. We had to break him away a little so that Jonah could see her too. Silas has proven to be very possessive of his new sister.
Embraced is probably a little too gentle to describe all this... maybe more like accosted. I think this picture says it all. Eden obviously loves her brothers!!!
Kiki swooped in and saved her.
The whole time we were there, Silas was enamored with Eden. He counted her toes...
and showed her his monkey game. He would pick up her finger to try and get her to push the screen!
Jonah did just what we expected...
He was over it!
Friday I was so excited to finally get to dress up my little girl!
I LOVE patent leather shoes! The skirt is out of leftover fabric from the cribs sheets I made her. The onesie is one of the boys' that I dyed green. The blanket is from her Grandma KS and the flower on her headband is the one my mom made at our crochet class! I had made a bow to match the skirt, but it was bigger than her head.

In order to get discharged from the hospital you have to pay your bill in full, including all of your doctors. It is significantly cheaper than the States, but it ended up being $2,400 more than what Jimmy had budgeted for since we basically paid for a vaginal birth and a c-section plus an extra night since we arrived at 9pm.
We were so thankful to go home and actually we are driving all the way home to Petén today!


  1. Jonah wasn't just playing on the phone...he was calling his Becca again =) I'm so glad you found your ring!! I absolutely love your first picture! Eden is sooo precious!

  2. How exciting!!! So much fun to start a new chapter of your life! I look forward to watching Eden grow!


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