Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pregnancy Photos


Thank you to my mom, Jimmy, and Marietta Yoder for taking these photos of Eden before we meet her!
We are so excited!!! Eden's due date is 8 days away. The doctor was going to schedule a c-section for the 28th, but we decided to try for a VBAC. What were we thinking?!!! We would have had her for almost 2 weeks now. Is she ever going to get here?
Each morning when Jonah and Silas come into our room they say, "Baby?..." and then try to roll me over to see if my big belly is gone yet or if Eden is still in there!
Our family of 4 is very close. I was a little anxious about our dynamics changing with another child and how that would make the boys feel. Pastor Andy told us early on in the pregnancy that with each addition MORE LOVE is added. You don't just have a certain amount that gets divided by 3 now instead of 2, it multiplies. I have thought about that a million times throughout these past months.
Taking pictures with 2, 2 year olds is a little crazy!
{Jonah had a sunburned nose from our trip to the zoo that day!}

I love Silas' "cheese" face!

Jimmy had the great idea of saying jump for the next photo. I didn't even think about it...
So to state the obvious, pregnant women who are 38 weeks pregnant SHOULDN'T jump! It hurts... for days. (And yes I did leave the ground.)
This has all been fun, but I'm ready for Eden to move out!
Each time we go to the doctor, he just laughs about how long Eden is. I think the problem is her 2 brothers stretched out a comfy spot for her to just sprawl out in. She is never going to leave!
Dear Eden, Please come out! There are 4 (+Kiki) people who are very impatiently waiting to meet you and love on you. You are already cherished. Hurry up!


  1. Praying little Eden makes her arrival soon!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you linked to your sister's blog from your new blog or I wouldn't have known who you were. I like to read blogs of women who love and value their families=) Glad you started one!

  2. This is one advantage of having a C-section, not having to deal with the not knowing and the endless waiting. Drove me INSANE with the older boys. Hope you don't have to wait too long ... and we want to meet your family of five before you head home!
    The love thing is very true. It's the strangest thing to experience, but it's like you get a whole new piece of heart just for the new baby, one that grows specifically for that child.

  3. Great photos! :) Love does multiply instead of divide.

  4. Beautiful photos! I like the hands photo!

  5. Very Cool! Love the pictures and the people in them!

  6. I know it is miserable, but I am SO happy that you made it to the "come out already" point! So much better than praying for her to stay in! Can't wait to read the good news!

  7. I love your blog. I pray for you and your family daily! So happy you are having a girl...they are SO much fun!! Praying for a safe delivery. Can't wait to see her and read all about it!


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