Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Couple of Things

First, my grandmother went to her Forever Home tuesday night about 12:30am. I am posting this because the timing is really a testimony of God's love and care for His children. We weren't planning to visit in September, but I got a sense from my dad that he thought that would be our last opportunity to see her. We still weren't sure we should go, but then through another chain of events Jimmy soon felt like it was meant to be, so we went. I am so thankful because that was really the last chance to be able to spend quality time with her. We knew this past weekend it was getting close to the end of her time with us, but since Jimmy was gone I wouldn't have been able to go, plus she wasn't alert anymore anyway. That time in September was a special gift from my Father. 

Also, my prayer that day was that my mom could be with my grandmother when she passed. The nurse called my parents just in time (about 30 minutes after they had left her side) to make it back. My mom was holding her hand. That comforts me to know that. I wanted someone with my grandma and I wanted my mom to have that closure. My dad was sending me emails which I appreciate so that the news was not a shock. God is so gentle with us.

Jonah had a high temperature all day Tuesday. Usually my kids play right on through whatever bug they have, but this time Jonah didn't play at all. That worried me. For the first time ever we had a movie day in our house. My boys are only allowed to watch football on tv, all movie watching is for the truck. Jimmy had brought them back Madagascar 3, so it was kind of a special treat to pull all the pillows in the living room and lounge around for a morning. 
My boys wouldn't make it through a movie without being strapped in a car seat and they watched this movie probably 3 times... I knew something was wrong!

Jonah runs hot normally, but he was really hot again on Wednesday. I was giving him Tylenol as often as I could, but it was doing nothing. I was worried it might be Dengue Fever (which you get from mosquito bites) so I didn't give him any Ibuprofen until I was really desperate. It worked a tad bit but I was afraid to give him more. I gave him popsicles and rubbed his face, neck and arms with wet washcloths, but it just kept getting worse. His little eyes weren't opening all the way and he was bright red all over. I had never felt anyone that hot before. 

At that point I started to panic. I didn't have to kiss his forehead to check his temp, I could touch his arm and tell he was burning up. I quickly filled a rubber bucket with as cold of water as I thought he could stand and put him in there. I poured water over the back of his head gently as he cried. Poor kid, he was miserable AND mad. I was really scared. I called Jimmy and asked him to come home so that we could take him to the doctor. (Our 2nd vehicle was in Santa Elena, so I had no transportation that day.) He came home right away and we were waiting in the doctors office by the time he returned from lunch. 

Jonah was whimpering and I told him that the doctor would help him feel better and I promised him no shots. Other than a loss of appetite the fever was his only symptom. I really didn't think the doctor was going to be able to do or tell us much. Well when he lifted Jonah's shirt we all saw the Dengue rash. It was kind of a good sign, because when the rash finally appears it means you are almost through the worst of it. He took his temp and said it was 106... which scared me even more. That is so dangerous! Since it was so high he immediately pulled out a syringe to give him a shot to help bring down his fever... mommy is a liar! I felt horrible. Jonah forgave me. 
Here's Jonah after his shot working on a lollypop! He's extra snuggly when he's sick. The shot did bring down his temp pretty quickly. Once again I am SO thankful for our pediatrician in Santa Elena. Pray he never leaves!

Silas always has bites all over his legs, the mosquitos love him bug spray and all. Jonah gets like 2 bites a year. Which one gets Dengue?! It's crazy. 

Jonah has been playing today some. He does have a fever, but not even close to what it was yesterday. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for him. It is very painful to get Dengue. It can cause fatigue and muscle and joint pain for weeks. It is dangerous if you don't stay on top of it, especially if you get dehydrated or don't realize what it is and take the wrong medications and end up bleeding internally. Anyway since Jimmy has had it 3 times so we are familiar with it and Jonah should be fine. Glad we had Jimmy as a warmup! 

So Jonah is on the mends. Please pray that his fever will continue to stay down. It is a praise that we have not had any difficulty in keeping him hydrated. We also have been praying with him this whole time that God would make him feel better. I wish he didn't have it, but it is a very real learning experience that he can take his pain to God. I love listening to my little boys talk to God. 


  1. Scary! If you don't have one, I highly recommend an ear thermometer. They are super quick and easy to use and well worth the cost (I think we spent Q60 on ours). Glad Jonah is doing better! I had the same "no shots" thing happen to me once . . . now I say, "I don't THINK you'll need a shot." :P

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. It hurts to lose grandparents.

    1. We have 3 thermometers that were given to us, but I could take my kids' temps 3 times in a row and get 3 different answers. Kissing their forehead is usually more accurate for me. My doc when I was little said that I always ran hot and not to take my temp because it would scare my mom. I kind of feel the same way about Jonah. On wednesday I could tell by his eyes and skin that it was getting serious, so that is why we went in. Glad I'm not the only mommy that these kinds of things happen too!


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