Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heard Around the House #2

I was talking to Jonah about something he had gotten in trouble for earlier, making sure he knew why it was wrong. As I am having this serious conversation Silas starts doing something he KNOWS is wrong. 
Mommy - (looking at Silas with frustration) "Really...?!" 
Jonah - (looking up just as disgusted) "Really, Mani?!" (Mani is Jonah's nickname for Silas.)

Silas walked into the office while I was laminating some SS visuals he had seen me coloring.
Silas - (giving me the thumbs up) "Good job Mamma!"

Mommy - "Did you know that I prayed and asked God for something for Kiki and he answered my prayer with a yes and did it for her."
Silas - "Cool, Mama!"

Silas usually makes coffee with Daddy to bring to me as soon as he wakes up, but someone was moving slow the other morning.
Silas - (shaking his finger at Daddy sitting at the kitchen table) "No Dada... no iPad... Mama coffee!"

We still have a pig on our table for anyone who does something inappropriate during mealtime. That is what Silas is referring to in this video:

I was reading an email on my phone after supper. (I know, I got the pig.) I didn't hear Jonah ask if he could get down front he table. 
Jonah - (After asking politely several times he yells) "Mama, talk!!" 

We have been talking about the "a man that hath friends must show himself friendly" verse, but we use the word "nice", since they know that word.  Jonah chose a pear for lunch and Silas a peach, but Jonah asked Silas for a slice of his peach. Silas kept saying "ummmm... no!"
Mommy - "If you want friends what do you have to be?"
Jonah - "Me peach, Mani, please?"
(Silas hands him a slice.)
Silas - (looking at Jonah) "Me nice!"

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