Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heard Around the House #6

Silas had a bruise under his left eye, so we asked him what happened.
Silas - "A bear get me... in a whale's belly."
Then I went to wipe the cinnamon bun glaze off his face.
Silas - "Mama, don't wipe my boo boo off!"
I think he was proud of it!

The boys were in their bunk bed in the potty bus shooting at "elephants and bears"outside the windows with their new guns. Silas decided to start shooting at us in the RV.
Kiki - "Don't shoot me, if I drink water I'll leak."
Silas - "Go drink water!"

Kiki had a towel wrapped around her wet hair one evening.
Jonah - "Kiki, me like your hat!"

We were putting on the boys' pjs on our way to our destination one night. 
Daddy - "We're going to see some deer tonight."
Kiki - "Hurry, get your pjs on so that you can look for deer."
Silas - in a worried voice "No deer see me naked!" 

Jonah was rubbing his ear at breakfast.
Mommy - "Jonah, does your ear hurt?"
Jonah - "No!"
Mommy - "Well what's the matter with your ear?"
Jonah - a little troubled "Me got boogers in my ears."
He was talking about earwax. 

The boys know their mommy eats late night snacks.
One night on the potty bus Silas got up to go potty and saw me sitting on the bed. He stands there looking at me with a very serious face. 
Silas - "Mama, don't eat my cinnamon bun... ok?!" and then goes back to bed.

I have been explaining to the boys lately that they are twins. I regularly ask them what a twin is, if they are one, and who their twin is.
Mommy - "Silas, are you a twin?"
Silas - "Yes!"
Mommy - "Am I a twin?"
Silas - "No, you're a girl!"

After watching an episode of the Bible miniseries,
Silas - "I have something to tell you."
Daddy - "What?!"
Silas - very seriously "Jesus was not a pirate."
We later figured out that he was confusing 'pirate' with 'prophet'.

My home church had a bouncy castle and a blow up slide memorial day weekend for the kids after church. The slide was a big shark. (The boys kept calling it "Jonah's Whale"). It was huge, like two stories high maybe. I would be scared to go down a slide that tall and steep. Jonah and Silas are brave about different things. Jonah is usually the brave one when it comes to slides. Sure enough he didn't hesitate and with big kids bouncing him all over the place trying to climb the ladder, he made it! Then he didn't even stand at the top to build up courage, he just went down. It was mostly a free fall. His face was one of terror, but then when he landed he excitedly said, "That was a fast one!"

There was no way Silas was getting on that slide... he wouldn't even get close, but then one of the workers told him, "You can go with your brother." Jonah put his hand on his brother's shoulder and sweetly said, "You can go with me, Mani!" And Silas and Jonah did it together... 3 times!
{You can see Jonah comforting Silas}
I was so proud of Jonah for comforting his brother. He didn't rub it in at all that he was brave and Silas was scared. Silas is kind of like the most thoughtful twin brother ever, so I was glad to see that reciprocated in Jonah. 


  1. Too cute! My boys get up sometimes to see if we're eating snacks at night . . . but they pretend it's to go to the bathroom. They walk out slowly, peering around to see if we're munching on anything good. :D

    1. Haha! Smart kids! Sometimes we let it slip what we plan on snacking on or what movie we might watch after they go to sleep and then it is impossible to get them to go to sleep!


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